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The new Siesta

My Hobby is versatile.

On the road in Europe's cities, holidays with children and all your gear or comfort for two - the new Siesta models leave nothing to be desired? Which one is right for you?

Vedition, Tedition
Logo Vedition, Logo Tedition
My Hobby is passion

Dynamism. Power. Activity. The Siesta edition models V65 GE V EDITION and T65 GE T EDITION – perfect for active holidaymakers who don‘t want to miss out on any fun. Take it out for a spin. Enjoy the power. Experience the passion.

Modelleditionen, Außenaufnahmen
Grundriss Siesta Van 65 GE

L: 6.690 mm   B: 2.180 mm
H: 2.790 mm   G: 3.500 kg


L: 6.990 mm   B: 2.340 mm
H: 2.790 mm   G: 3.500 kg

L: Total length, B: Overall width, H: Overall height, G: Technically permissible gross weight

Siesta Hubbett
T60 H Hubbett
Siesta Hubbett T60 H

L: 5.990 mm    B: 2.340 mm
G: 3.500 kg

T70 HGE Hubbett
Siesta Hubbett T70 HGE

L: 7.490 mm    B: 2.340 mm
G: 3.500 kg

T65 HFL Hubbett
Siesta Hubbett T65 HFL

L: 6.990 mm    B: 2.340 mm
G: 3.500 kg

T70 HGQ Hubbett
Siesta Hubbett T70 HGQ

L: 7.490 mm    B: 2.340 mm
G: 3.500 kg

T65 HGF Hubbett
Siesta Hubbett T65 HGF

L: 6.990 mm    B: 2.340 mm
G: 3.500 kg

With a width of only 2.18 m, the Siesta Van also fits through narrow streets and hence is absolutely fine in big cities.

The Siesta offers plenty of comfort, freedom of movement and sleeping area solutions for every taste.

The four Alkove models complete the Siesta series. The Siesta Family with up to 6 beds is perfect for families. The Siesta Sport with its extra large garage offers plenty of space for ski equipment, bicycles and golfing gear.

The Hobby Siesta Sport - experience active holidays
Video Siesta Sport
Siesta Alkoven
HOBBYTherm®thermo-function floor

The sandwich construction of the HOBBYTherm® floor is based on a form of high-strength XPS thermal insulation. The material is particularly damp-resistant and rot-proof.

GRP undercarriage

Durable and water-resistant: all Siesta models are fitted with a GRP undercarriage as standard.

Durable GRP roof

The GRP roof dampens the sound of rain and provides much improved hail protection compared to conventional aluminium roofs. That saves money when it comes to insurance premiums.

Efficient LED lighting technology

Good for the environment: the modern lights that make up the LED lighting have a long lifespan and reduce power consumption.

TRUMA combination hot air heater with boiler

The hot air pipes from the TRUMA combi-heater distribute heated air optimally through the vehicle and ensure cosy temperatures. The hot air can be controlled separately in the over-cab bed areas. The combi-heater is operated using the TRUMA CP-PLUS-6 digital control panel with timer function, individual night-time reduction and temperature sensor.

Spacious Slim Tower refrigerator

Improved sense of space thanks to reduced installation depth: the Slim Tower refrigerator developed by Hobby with a capacity of 140 l, LED interior lighting and removable freezer compartment. The large handle is easy to operate.
The slightly elevated installation position means no more awkward bending over. (standard in many models)

Space solutions

Thanks to the interior standing height of 1.98 m, even tall people have enough headroom. The over-cab bed models even have a headroom of 2.15 m.

More room thanks to lowered rear

The lowered rear of the low-frame chassis (not in the V60 GF, T60 H and A55 GS Sport) ensures maximum garage dimensions. An extra-thick floor insulation made of XPS protects against frost.

High load capacity

With a high payload capacity, the Siesta models are optimally adapted to the different usage requirements.

Body width

With a width of 2.18 m, you can drive the Siesta Van even along narrow streets and around big cities in a relaxed fashion. You will come to appreciate the slim design especially when looking for a parking space!

Upholstery combinations

The upholstery colour, „Cocoa“, and the floor in the discreet shade, „Akira grey“, further emphasise the clear lines of the Siesta furnishing.

The fresh „Laguna“ upholstery is standard in the Siesta Sport. As an option, all Siesta models can be fitted in the upholstery colour „Montana“ in earthy shades of brown.

Note: Even the driver’s seats can be covered in the living compartment fabric. The optional carpet rounds off the overall ambience perfectly.

Now at dealers and at the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf!