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De Luxe 2018
De Luxe Interior
De Luxe Interior
De Luxe Interior

Once again, in the 2018 season the De Luxe leaves no room for doubt: it is a true companion for families: Nearly half of all the floor plans of this series are matched to this target group; five of the total of twelve model versions bear the K for children’s bed in the type Designation. 

Newly added is the De Luxe 515 UHK. Along with floor plans with children’s beds, the De Luxe series provides all conventional versions with single and double beds. This segment ranges from the compact De Luxe 400 SFe with a French bed up to the 540 UL with single beds. The De Luxe series comprises 12
models and is particularly valued by families for its huge choice of internal layouts.. 

The majority of the De Luxe models have a child’s room on board fitted with practical bunk beds for the growing family.The 2018 season sees the premiere of a very practical innovation in the
segment of these family-friendly De Luxe models:

The new De Luxe 515 UHK not only features a generous children’s section with drop down beds in the front of the caravan, but also a drop down bed for two people above the rear round seating group. Incredible though it may seem, when all of the seating groups are converted the 515 UHK actually provides sleeping accommodation for up to eight people – and all within a vehicle width of only 2.30 metres!

Slim Line refrigerator

With the HOBBY full equipment specification De Luxe fulfils every essential requirement in mobile comfort. So for example, out of a total of 12 De Luxe models, 10 are equipped with the 150-litre Super Slim Tower refrigerator. Another reason why the De Luxe series has proved so popular with families. De Luxe is also making a big visual impact for the 2018 season, primarily with its new 'Olmo Pavarotti / Beige' furniture decor, which when combined with the 'Patch' upholstery fabric, infuses the interior with an atmosphere of well-being. Bright beige shades teamed with warm wood colours evoke a harmonious and cosy feeling.

Sleep options

Deluxe Drop-down bed children's bed sleep situation
De Luxe Drop-down bed children's beds seating area
De Luxe drop-down bed children's beds
De Luxe guard
Easily accessible drop-down bed
Easily accessible drop-down bed
De Luxe Interior

2018 Facts

  • The HOBBY full equipment specification
  • New exterior styling
  • 12 layouts incl. 5 with a child's bed
  • New 515 UHK floor plan with
  • Drop down bed above the rear seating group, 7 berths (4 adults / 3 children) within a 2.30 m width
  • New interiors in all De Luxe models
  • 495 WFB with TRUMA Combi heater
  • New ‘Patch’ upholstery
  • New ‘Olmo Pavarotti / Beige’ furniture decor
  • New ‘Fashion Grey’ refrigerator front
  • 460 UFe and 540 KMFe with mirrored washroom layout
  • 440 SF and 650 KMFe are omitted as from the new season
Layout De Luxe 515 UHK

De Luxe 515 UHK