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Ontour 2018
Ontour Interior
Ontour Interior seating area
Ontour Interior beds by day
Ontour Interior beds by night
"Cocobolo/Piquet Grey" furniture decor
Clear, bright, and youthful: the new "Cocobolo/Piquet Grey" furniture decor in the new Ontour

The Ontour series remains true to its seasoned line as a compact and agile voyage caravan in the 2018 season. None of the four models is wider than 2.20 metres! That makes the Ontour an ideal companion for all caravan owners that place particular importance on high mobility. Regardless of whether the users are a couple travelling alone or a whole family.

The Ontour 390 SF is the smallest caravan in the entire Hobby range. With a double-bed in the bow, lateral seating arrangement in the rear, compact sanitary facilities and a convenient kitchen it nevertheless provides all the ameniti es that a travel-happy couple could wish for. And a Golf-class vehicle suffices as the towcar. Those who prefer single beds will find two alternatives in the 460DL and 470 UL models, optionally with a rear dinette or round seating arrangement. Consequently tailored to families, the Ontour 470 KMF is provided with a children’s section and crossways installed bunk bed in the rear. One highlight shared by all four Ontour models is the new one-piece, extra-wide cabin door.

The Ontour entry-level series has been completely restyled for the 2018 season. That applies not only to the exterior design, which now bears the distinctive hallmark of the other Hobby model series, but also the interior and the equipment.

Pale shades dominate the new ‘Cocobolo/ Piquet Grey' furniture décor, whose white surfaces and subtle grey elements make a pleasing contrast and create an extremely welcoming effect to the overall interior design. The new Taiga series upholstery is designed to precisely coordinate with the new décor. In general, the furnishings in the entry-level Ontour series have been optimised and now correspond to the higher De Luxe series. The same applies to the extra-wide one-piece entrance door, which is now also used in the Ontour series. It goes without saying that all four Ontour models boast the complete Hobby full equipment specifi cati on, making them good to go straight from the factory.

Ontour inside view

In addition, there are also many optional items of equipment available to enhance your comfort such as electronic floor heating, the exclusive Blaupunkt sound system and the new Truma VarioHeat Comfort gas heater. Like all Hobby caravans, the Ontour series is able to utilise the innovative Hobby CI-BUS technology, which enables you control nearly all of the devices and function of the onboard power supply via the optional TFT touchscreen. By the way, this includes the new Varioheat Comfort gas heater.


With the new Ontour versions, which comprise three two-person models and the 470 KMF, a flawless family caravan, Hobby is offering four compact, economic and comfortably equipped touring caravans.

2018 FACTS

  • The HOBBY full equipment specification:
  • cost-effective, versatile, compact and comfortable
  • New exteriors and furnishings like De Luxe
  • New from this season: extra-wide one-piece cabin door
  • New 'Cocobolo/Piquet Grey' furniture decor
  • New 'Taiga' series upholster
  • New 'Fashion Grey' refrigerator front
  • 4 different layouts
  • 1 family floor plan with bunk beds
  • All layouts are 2. 20 m wide
  • No caravan longer than 7.00 m
  • Technically permissible gross weight starting at 1200 kg
Layout Ontour 390 SF

Ontour 390 SF

Layout Ontour 460 DL

Ontour 460 DL 

Layout Ontour 470 DL

Ontour  470 DL

Layout Ontour 470 KMF

Ontour 470 KMF