The inimitable one

Welcome to the luxury class: our prize-winning Hobby PREMIUM stands for design and inspiration.

Elegant throughout – from the exterior design down to the smallest detail. Five luxurious layouts ensure that wherever you go, you’ll travel in style, making the Hobby PREMIUM the number-one choice for all those who will only settle for the best.


Berthsup to 4
Upholstery combinationKentucky
Furniture finishBronze, Stone Grey, Magnolia Metallic



Premium 560 CFe

Elegant kitchen counter

The modern counter creates a stylish division between the living and kitchen areas, while also serving as a handy place to store your things.

Wide variety of beds

Sweet dreams: you can choose between single beds, a double bed or a free-standing island bed. The seating areas can be transformed into extra berths in a few simple steps.

Premium 560 UL
560 UL
650 UFf
Premium 660 WFU


Your fully equipped PREMIUM

All you need, all included: with the “HobbyComplete” ALL-INCLUSIVE package, your Hobby is equipped with everything you need for a great holiday. Without any extra costs or expensive optional packages.

Because with Hobby, you don’t have to choose between budget and comfort.

The availability of the following “HobbyComplete” ALL-INCLUSIVE package features depends on the model of vehicle. Please refer to the current price list for details of the relevant features for individual models.

Living area

A modern ambience to relax in

TV unit with glass cabinet

The TV unit in the en trance area features a stylish glass cabinet with LED ambient lighting.

Standard features for

Illuminated corner shelf

The reflective and illuminated corner panels of the U-shaped seating areas create a special ambience.

Large wardrobe

Perfectly organised. The spacious wardrobe has enough room for both long and short clothes, as well as folded items of clothing.

The inside light in the wardrobe is automatically switched on when the door is opened and provides bright light for an optimal overview.

Large wall units with soft-close mechanism

The doors with soft-close mechanisms open up wide towards the ceiling, leaving plenty of headroom. Extra-sturdy hinges ensure a strong opening and locking force. You can count on them to keep your belongings in place when in transit.

Storage space under the seating units

The seating areas have an easily accessible storage space for all your travel accessories that should be ready to hand.

Swan neck lamps

The flexible swan neck lamps in the seating areas and by the beds are ideal for reading thanks to their directable light source.

Stylish set of glasses

An exclusive set of stylish glasses is included on board in many Hobby cabinets.

Standard features for

Seating unit with plenty of legroom

Comfortable and practical: there is ample storage space underneath the seating area. The compartments are slightly set back so as not to restrict the legroom. The all-round upholstered panel creates smooth transitions.

Combi cassette with blackout blind and fly screen system

All side windows are equipped with a combicassette system to protect against sun and insects. (Excluding washroom window)

Single-post lift table

The steplessly adjustable single-post lift table allows easy access to the seating area and offers extra legroom.


Spacious wonders, right down to the finest detail

Compact super slim tower refrigerator with freezer compartment

The 150-litre absorption refrigerator is silent and offers you all of the space and cooling power you could ever need. The slightly raised installation saves you bending. Up to seven height-adjustable compartments in the door mean you can now store taller 1.5-litre bottles as well as 1-litre bottles and Tetra Paks. There is an easy-to-reach storage space for storage containers and tinned food in the compartment underneath the refrigerator. The refrigerator can be powered by the 230-volt power supply, or by gas or the 12-volt battery when on the road.

Hob/sink combination with extra work surface

The gas hob and sink are made from robust stainless steel and form a continuous unit for easier cleaning. The generous space between the three burners makes cooking a lot easier too, even with bigger pans. The hob comes with electric ignition, and the split safety glass cover can be used to provide additional workspace if required.

Kitchen drawer in a comfortable size with push lock and soft-close

The extra-large drawers provide space for all kinds of utensils, and can be fully extended for a good overview and easy access. The soft-close mechanism ensures smooth, quiet closure, with secure locking thanks to the push lock system. Reinforced support struts and longer strike plates keep fully loaded drawers firmly in place even while on the move.

Towel rail

In many kitchens, a pull-out towel rail provides a space for tea towels.

Spice rack

Some of the kitchen wall units come with handy spice racks so you can keep salt, pepper and herbs to hand.

Standard features for

Practical cutlery insert

Cutlery drawer with well-planned dividers ensures that cutlery and kitchen utensils will not get mixed up even during the journey. (Model dependent)

Cupboard with pull-out drawer

No wasted space: provisions can be stored on several levels in the pull-out cabinets.

Standard features for

Multifunctional kitchen splashback

The kitchen splashback with the large window and the Combi Cassette featuring a fully integrated blind and fly screen is a beautiful, all-in-one unit. A USB charger socket and 230 V power sockets are also perfectly integrated into the kitchen splashback.

Standard features for

Roomy corner floor cupboard

The large swivelling pull-out unit of the kitchen base cabinet accommodates pots and pans, making optimal use of the available storage space.

Standard features for

Elegant kitchen counter

The modern counter performs several functions at the same time. The illuminated pane of real glass serves as a partition between the kitchen and living area. The shelf is the perfect place to store your books, mobile phones, keys, and so on.

Standard features for

Sleeping area

For a comfortable and pleasant night

Child-friendly teddy-bear light

Turn the nose of the bear to dim the light – perfect for sending little campers off to sleep.

Comfortable sprung mattress

All fixed beds for adults are equipped with sprung mattresses and sturdy laminated beechwood bed frames as standard.

Comfy headboard

The upholstered panel made of easy-to-clean artificial leather at the head of the bed ensures a clean finish, the swan neck lamps give you a pinpoint reading light, and the wide shelves provide you with plenty of space to store books, glasses, clocks and many other personal items.

Easy-action bed lift

Many beds feature opening aids to provide easy access to the storage space. These take the form of a gas spring (Lift-O-Mat) in island and double beds and a spring mechanism in single beds. When raised, the mechanism ensures that the bed is locked securely in position.

Light switch and power socket in sleeping area

The bed has an extra built-in light switch for easy access, and a power socket is provided in the sleeping area for convenience.

Children's beds

New adventures await little campers who sleep in the 2-tier bunk bed. The comfy mattresses ensure a restful night’s sleep. The sturdy guard is a reliable safety feature for little dreamers.


Everything you need for personal care

Exclusive THETFORD cassette toilet

Toilets developed exclusively for Hobby with all-round sealing lip and smooth surface for easy cleaning.

Generous storage facilities

There is ample room for all of your care products in the under-sink cupboard and mirror cabinets in the washrooms.

Practical THETFORD rotating toilet

The rotating cassette toilet ensures optimal use of space.

Designer door handles

The washroom doors are equipped with an ergonomically designed metal door handle. The shape helps prevent loose clothing from getting caught on it.


Well ventilated at all times: all bathrooms are equipped with full-sized rooflights from DOMETIC-SEITZ or opaque side windows.

Toothbrush holder inclusive

Two toothbrush holders complete the comfortable equipment in the washrooms.

Hinged window with frosted glass look, can be opened


Strong innovation and technological finesse

Bright exterior led lighting

A multitude of lighting elements, the majority of which are LED, increase the visibility of the caravan. They are harmoniously integrated into the contours of the vehicle, thereby emphasising the distinctly automotive design. The third brake light is a decisive safety advantage.

The bright LED awning light illuminates the doorway and provides pleasant light in the awning.

One-key closing system

One key for everything: entrance door, gas cylinder locker, storage space lids, boot lid and door for removing WC cassette.

Nose wheel with load indicator

Complete control: the load indicator helps you to load your caravan correctly. Having the correct nose weight improves driving stability, making you safer on the road.

Practical grab handle

An ergonomically designed handle in the entrance area of almost all Hobby caravans makes it easier for you to climb aboard.

Overrun brake with automatic adjustment

The KNOTT ANS overrun brake adjusts itself automatically, guaranteeing unrestricted braking performance at all times. A key safety feature, particularly in critical driving conditions.

Stabiliser hitch

Safety first: the safety coupling from KNOTT with tracking stabiliser and convenient single-lever system is all part of the package with Hobby.

A-frame with walk-on cover

Attractive and practical: the stand-on cover makes it easier to load and unload the gas locker. It also makes it easier to clean the front of the

Habitation entrance door with triple-point locking

One door, lots of features: the extra-wide habitation entrance door provides effective protection against thieves with its triple-point locking. The large window lets in lots of light.

The inside of the door is equipped with handy shelves, a waste bin and a pleated fly screen. The practical waste bin with integrated dustpan and brush set helps you to keep the vehicle clean. Another notable feature of the Hobby door, which is 40 mm wider than standard doors, is the highly effective splash water seal. The LED entry light casts a pleasant light and illuminates the awning.

High-quality vent windows

The double-glazed, tinted vent windows with safety locks are specially moulded, which – together with the thicker material – makes them much more resistant to stresses and deformation (especially heat and cold). Another positive effect is the improved sound insulation, while a new, reliable sealing system provides long-lasting protection against the ingress of moisture.

Insulated rooflights

Every Hobby caravan is fitted with a Midi-Heki rooflight DOMETIC SEITZ. Up to two additional Mini-Heki roof vents help to ensure the temperature inside the caravan is perfect. When open, fresh air is drawn into the caravan. When closed, the insulation keeps the inside temperature stable. Two different blinds can be used either to dim the interior or as a fly screen.

Rear-ventilated units with plenty of storage space

The air vents in the wall units ensure optimal circulation of the rising warmth from the heater. The large gap between the winter vents and the exterior wall prevents damp spots and mildew.

Tailored body joints

The aerodynamic lines without corners or edges are typical of Hobby caravans. All body joints have sealed frame profiles. This ensures a seamless and harmonious design and prevents moisture from entering.

Extremely strong manoeuvring handle

The manoeuvring handles on your caravan are ergonomically shaped and an integral part of the structure. They are integrated harmoniously into the exterior design of the vehicle. In the De Luxe Edition, Excellent and Prestige model ranges, the chrome look sets off the vehicle design to perfection.

Rear design

The rear design features modern shapes and a sporty appearance.

Rain awning with water drainage

The awning rails on the nose and rear with specially moulded end pieces ensure even better drainage of rainwater.

Premium practical boot

The boot in the back of the vehicle is ideal for stowing camping tables and chairs, for example. Double locking and an all-round rubber sealing lip protect against splash water.

Standard features for

Front spoiler with holes giving access to the corner steadies

The corner steadies and heavy-duty supports are easily reached via the openings in the skirt rail.

Premium gas-cylinder locker

The gas locker has a low sill and sturdy aluminium chequer-plate floor and provides space for the chocks, leg winding handle and waste water tank. The gas regulator with over-pressure protection is easily accessible, and there are sturdy holding devices for two 11-kg gas bottles.

Standard features for

Integrated awning rail

On-board technology

Everything you need for the perfect holiday

Individual ambient lighting

Bright light for cooking or a romantic glow in the evening: personal light settings can be saved on the control panel. Light strips above the wall units add that extra touch. All the 12-volt lights feature energy-saving LED technology.

Optional extras for

Tactile light switch

Thanks to their tactile design, the separate light switches are even easy to find in the dark.

Smoke alarm

Preventive fire protection while on the road. The compact alarm quickly and reliably alerts you if fire smoke is detected in the vehicle.

Children’s light switches

Can be easily reached by little campers: the light switch is at a child-friendly height.

Large fresh water tank

The fresh water tank, which can be filled from the outside, is located in an easily accessible spot in one of the seat chests or bed lockers. A large screw cap allows easy cleaning. (Pictured here is the 47-litre fresh water tank)

Optional extras for

Easy disposal

Clean and simple: the service hatches for the cassette toilet are located on the left-hand side of the vehicle on the majority of models featuring a double bed. This means that the toilet does not have to be carried through the awning.

TRUMA water heater

The tried-and-tested TRUMA heating unit with a 5-litre capacity uses the warm air from the heater to heat the water. An electric heating element also heats the water, however, when the heating is not turned on.

Combi hot air heating system TRUMA

The hot air pipes of the combi heating system TRUMA ensure an optimal distribution of heated air throughout the vehicle for a cosy temperature. The integrated water heater has a capacity of 10 litres.

Standard features for

Safety gas regulator

The flexible connecting tube with gas regulator and integrated over-pressure protection fits all common gas bottles.

Central gas control taps

The gas distributor is easily accessible in the kitchen.

Central on-board technology in-stallation

The on-board technology systems are readily accessible inside the spacious wardrobe.

Water and electricity connections

A standard external socket is provided for connecting the caravan to the power supply. The awning socket with SAT/TV connection allows you to connect 230 volt devices. The water connection lets you fill the water tank easily with a hose. All outside connectors have pictograms to make their functions clear.

Shower fitting in toilet

The shower fitting and shower curtain transform the toilet of the washroom with an external washbasin into a handy shower.

Standard features for

HOBBYCONNECT Controls for on-board technology via tft control panel and bluetooth using app

HOBBYCONNECT provides you with access to the most important electronic devices and features of your mobile home from inside the vehicle and nearby. The system is operated via the TFT control panel in the vehicle and using the Bluetooth feature in conjunction with the latest HobbyConnect app. You can easily control the on-board technology using your smartphone or tablet computer. Save your lighting settings, check the battery status and tank levels, or turn on the air conditioning or heating, for example – it couldn’t be easier using the self-explanatory symbols on your mobile device.


  • HOBBYCONNECT is included with many models as standard
  • The Bluetooth control feature is included free of charge with HOBBYCONNECT
  • The HOBBYCONNECT app is available free of charge for all Hobby customers on Google Play Store and the App Store

Standard features for

Optional extras for

Passenger vehicle connector

The standard 13-pole passenger vehicle connection plug by Jaeger not only supplies the brake and rear lights with electricity, but also enables all the caravan's 12 volt equipment to be operated off the car battery.

TRUMA heating S 3004 / S 5004

The powerful fan with booster function on the heater TRUMA is a quick, effective and eco-friendly way of warming up the caravan.

The smart connection to your vehicle.


Switch on the air conditioning before you leave the beach or control the lighting from your bed. You can do this and a whole lot more using the HOBBYCONNECT app on your smartphone or tablet computer. Available free of charge on Google Play and the App Store!

Include even more?

Want to hit the road without making any sacrifices? With the “HOBBYCOMPLETE” ALL-INCLUSIVE package, you enjoy comfort just like at home in the kitchen, bathroom and living area. Discover more and enjoy the anticipation!

Optional extras

to suit your needs

Do you have a specialist hobby or specific equipment requirements? The appropriate optional extras and many individual solutions are available to help you tailor your caravan to your own purposes and holiday needs.

The availability and version of the following optional extras depend on the model of vehicle and, where applicable, come as standard for certain model ranges.

Autonomy package including charge controller with booster, battery, battery sensor and battery case

The intelligent battery sensor IBS supplies all the important data such as charging time, charging current and charging voltage, as well as the remaining running time and discharge current of the GEL or AGM battery in autonomous mode. All values can be read on the TFT operating panel. The battery sensors supply the intelligent charger with the exact charging current and voltage it needs, thereby ensuring battery-conserving charging until it is 100% full. Charging times are reduced by approx. 30% with this system compared to standard chargers.

TRUMA electric water heater, 14 litres

The high-power heating element TRUMA heats the water from 15°C to 70°C. Sustained heat storage also ensures extremely short reheating times, thus saving both energy and money.

USB Charging socket

This optional double socket can be used to charge two mobile devices at the same time.

Underfloor heating

All Hobby caravans can be supplied with an electric underfloor heating system. The heating foils in the walking area of the floor prevent thermal bridges and cold feet.

External gas socket

External connector for gas-driven appliances, BBQ's etc.

Roof-mounted air conditioning u nit with heating function

The roof-mounted air conditioning unit DOMETIC Freshjet has four controllable air flow settings. This quality lightweight system is economical and pleasantly quiet.

Elegant awning

Protects against sun and rain: the THULE OMNISTOR awnings are perfectly matched to the Hobby caravans.

A-frame bicycle rack for 2 bicycles or pedelecs up to 60 kg

Bikes can be easily transported on the A-frame carrier, which also ensures an even distribution of weight and is easily folded forwards out of the way to give access to the gas locker.

THETFORD wet locker door with centre lock

Additional service hatches are available on many models.

Electronic stabilisation system

The high-performance sensor monitors the movement of the car and caravan continuously while on the road. The KNOTT ETS Plus counters any snaking movements instantly and effectively and brakes automatically in case of danger.

Articulated TV bracket

Optionally available for many models: the swivelling TV bracket for watching TV from the seating area or bed. A pull-out bracket for the TV is used in vehicles where there is not enough room to fit the articulated bracket.

Pull-out bed extension

For many caravans with single beds, a pull-out bed extension can be supplied as an option. The additional cushion creates an extra-large sleeping space.

Removable carpeting

The carpeting lets you recreate the comfort of your living room at home. It consists of multiple elements specially tailored to fit the layout of your caravan, and can be easily removed for cleaning.

Cold-foam mattress

The cold foam mattress with seven different hardness zones offers luxury sleeping comfort.

A dometic extractor hood

A Dometic extractor hood completes the kitchen fittings and keeps cooking smells in check.


Home-from-home convenience: the microwave is ideal for heating up food in a hurry.


Now you can bake bread on holiday too – or rustle up some homemade pizza for lunch – thanks to the built-in 36-litre oven with light.

HOBBYCONNECT+ Remote control for on-board technology via mobile communications using app

Want to turn on the air conditioning or heating before you get back to your vehicle? With Hobby, you can. HOBBYCONNECT+ provides you with access to many of your vehicle’s electronic devices from any location using your mobile phone network. The latest HobbyConnect app allows you to easily control your vehicle using your smartphone or tablet computer, wherever you are.


  • Worldwide remote control via HOBBYCONNECT+ and mobile phone network
  • Vehicle position information via push notification
  • The HOBBYCONNECT app is available free of charge for all Hobby customers on Google Play Store and the App Store

City water connection

Standard water connection with garden hose connector for easy filling of the water tank via the local water supply.

Heating system Truma Combi 6 E

The efficient hot air heating system Truma Combi 6 E can be run off the 230 V mains as well as on gas – a particular advantage in winter.

Optional extras for

Hot water heater

The hot water heater ALDE 3020 HE with a total power output of 8,500 watts and an integrated 8.4-litre boiler is available from type 545. Heating and water heating can be activated both simultaneously and independently of one another.


Standard features for

Adapter 7 / 13-pole for passenger vehicle connecting cable

Hitch lock anti-theft device KNOTT “KS 25”

Caravans Catalogue


  • Premium
    495 UL
  • Overall length:7.627 mm
  • Technically permissible gross weight:1.700 kg
  • Total width:2.300 mm
  • Bed spaces for adults:4
  • Premium
    560 CFe
  • Overall length:8.013 mm
  • Technically permissible gross weight:1.800 kg
  • Total width:2.500 mm
  • Bed spaces for adults:4
  • Premium
    560 UL
  • Overall length:8.013 mm
  • Technically permissible gross weight:1.800 kg
  • Total width:2.500 mm
  • Bed spaces for adults:4
  • Premium
    650 UFf
  • Overall length:8.828 mm
  • Technically permissible gross weight:2.000 kg
  • Total width:2.500 mm
  • Bed spaces for adults:4
  • Premium
    660 WFU
  • Overall length:8.865 mm
  • Technically permissible gross weight:2.000 kg
  • Total width:2.500 mm
  • Bed spaces for adults:4