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Your freedom means the world to us

And has done for more than 50 years! Hobby caravans and motorhomes are characterised by their modern layout solutions, homely interiors, meticulous attention to detail and premium standard equipment package.

The cutting-edge production facilities at the company’s site in Fockbek near Rendsburg, where caravans and motorhomes are manufactured, are among the largest of their kind in the world. With a Europe-wide market share of over 25 percent, Hobby has been the market leader in the caravan sector for many years.

The popularity of the Hobby brand and the company’s rise to becoming the world’s leading caravan manufacturer are the result of numerous ground-breaking innovations. These include the introduction of the automatic reversing system, the use of the hot-dip galvanised chassis, the development of the cassette toilet and, more recently, the ongoing expansion of modern communication technology based on the CI-BUS on-board management system developed by Hobby.

Since the company was founded in 1967, Hobby has always succeeded in launching leisure vehicles onto the market that represent excellent value for money. And that will continue to be the case in the future.

50 years Hobby – one man and his work


Hobby adds new overcab models to its successful Optima Ontour product range.


Next milestone: The 600,000th caravan rolls off the production line! Absolute best-sellers – Hobby now also builds motorhomes on a Citroën chassis.


Hobby invests six million euros into a new prefabrication hall with state-of-the-art production facilities.


The ultimate birthday party – To celebrate the 50th birthday of his Hobby Caravan Factory, company founder and owner Harald Striewski sent out invitations to the big anniversary event.


Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the Hobby caravan factory in Fockbek to mark “Unternehmertag Nord”, an event to celebrate entrepreneurial spirit in northern Germany.


European Innovation Award: The Vantana’s SlimLine refrigerator was crowned the winner in the Interior Design and Technology categories, while Hobby came out on top in the Marketing category for the PR campaign relating to the Wacken-Vantana trainee project.


Introduction of the HobbyKomplett ALL-INCLUSIVE package for motorhomes.


Introduction of the unique Hobby SLIMLINE refrigerator. The world’s first in the Hobby Vantana.


Hobby apprentices create the first show van for use at heavy metal music festivals.


Introduction of the HobbyConnect on-board control system with the MyHobby app.


Hobby boss Harald Striewski receives two awards for his life’s work – double the honour: Hobby founder and owner Harald Striewski (78) was honoured with two awards for his life’s work at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf: one from the German Caravanning Trade Association (DCHV), and one from the editors of the “Auto Bild Reisemobil” magazine. An entire industry acknowledges the achievements of the successful entrepreneur.


Production milestone: Hobby celebrates its 25,000th motorhome.


Introduction of the new, compact ONTOUR caravan model range with digitally printed design on the side wall.


Market launch of a new class of vans – the hobby VANTANA.


With the new OPTIMA comfort model range between the SIESTA and PREMIUM model ranges, Hobby creates the perfect combination of design and functionality among semi-integrated vehicles.


Budding woodworkers from the Hobby training workshop build the 1st Wacken caravan for use at the heavy metal music festival, which was auctioned off on eBay for 36,500 euros. Hobby donates the proceeds to the Wacken Foundation, which promotes and supports up-and-coming heavy metal bands.


Hobby boss Harald Striewski receives “Milestone” award. The German Association of Caravanning and Tourism Journalists (CTJ), which has around 130 European trade journalist members, honoured Hobby owner Harald Striewski with the “Milestone” award in Essen for his life’s work.


At Caravan Salon 2013, Hobby surprises everyone with a new, ultra-modern exhibition stand.


At the CMT trade fair held in spring in Stuttgart, Hobby presents an on-board network of the future, which it has developed in-house and controls almost all of the devices connected to the on-board network. The Hobby CI-BUS on-board management system becomes the standard for the entire industry.


Hobby presents its design-oriented, luxury-class Premium caravan.


Motorhome number 20,000 is completed.


The new La Vita & La Vita Bionda caravan model ranges are launched. With La Vita Veneto in elegant silver, there is now an alternative colour to classic white.


500,000 caravans are produced.


Hobby at the “Europa Passage” shopping centre in Hamburg: Even Father Christmas is trading in his draughty sleigh for a cosy, modern caravan from Fockbek.


Dealer conference at the Sparkassen-Arena in Kiel with a thrilling event involving prototype vehicles.


Hobby celebrates its 40th anniversary.


12/03/2007: Peter Harry Carstensen celebrates his 60th birthday at Hobby and German Chancellor Angela Merkel also pays a visit to the company.


Hobby launches the successful van model.


10-year Happy Hobby Weekend


03/01/2006: Hobby has a new address – Harald-Striewski-Straße. Fockbek acknowledges the achievements of the successful entrepreneur for the local community.


Hobby wins the German Camping Club (DCC) Safety Award yet again for its exemplary implementation of DIN, VDE, CEN and ISO standards, guidelines and technical regulations. With the rotating TV bar and light control system, Hobby once again introduces trend-setting innovations in caravan construction.


Hobby continues to expand. The number of employees rises to 1,222. The construction of the hall extension adds 5,800 m² of space to the motorhome factory. The company premises grow to 250,000 m². The Hobby T 600 GFS motorhome wins the “Golden Steering Wheel”, awarded by the “Bild am Sonntag” newspaper.


The Hobby 600 turns 20, but looks fresher than ever. It is chosen as the “Motorhome of the Year” for the 18th time in the annual poll. Hobby presents its new Excelsior caravan model range and the new Hobby T series on a Ford Transit chassis.


In response to the growing importance of the motorhome sector in Europe, Harald Striewski invests a total of 16 million euros in the new motorhome factory. A feast for the eyes, the facility covering 9,800 m² boasts state-of-the-art production technology and ample room for the construction of our motorhomes. The company premises now cover a total of 200,000 m². The number of employees rises to over 900.


Hobby celebrates its 35th anniversary by commencing with the construction of the new motorhome factory at the Fockbeck site. The design of the caravans is completely overhauled and the motorhomes get a contemporary facelift with the new FIAT Ducato chassis cowl.


Modernisation and renovation of the offices built in 1975 as well as the central warehouse, which is now equipped with cutting-edge warehouse technology.


Market share in Germany: 23.3%. Hobby is also the market leader in many European countries, such as Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark.


Hobby receives the German Camping Club (DCC) Safety Award for its exemplary implementation of DIN, VDE, CEN and ISO standards, guidelines and technical regulations. The launch of the Hobby Excellent Easy model range sets new standards in lightweight caravan construction.


Hobby acquires the caravan and motorhomes division of Xaver Fendt GmbH & Co. in Asbach-Bäumenheim (Bavaria). It is operated as a wholly-owned Hobby subsidiary under the name Fendt Caravan GmbH.


The “Hobby-Wohnwagenwerk” company turns 30. The workforce celebrates the company’s anniversary at Kiel Castle.


Hobby presents its “All-inclusive” package and relaunches the Hobby Exclusive luxury-class caravan model range.


Welcome: Hobby officially opens its new Customer Service Centre with over 15,000 m² of space.


The 250,000th caravan is completed and the Hobby Excellent and Hobby Elegance luxury-class caravan model ranges are launched.


Hobby needs more space for more Hobby vehicles – 34,000 m² of land is purchased and the materials warehouse is expanded.


Impressive interim results: 200,000 caravans and 5,000 motorhomes have been produced.


Things develop rapidly – with the 150,000th caravan.


More Hobby: Completion of the 100,000th caravan, market leadership in Europe, company premises: 46,960 m², production capacity: 80 caravans a day.


An all-round success: The semi-integrated Hobby 600 motorhome.


Hobby is the market leader in Germany and other European countries. It also wins the “Most Attractive Exhibition Stand” competition yet again.


Europe loves Hobby’s caravans: The company becomes the market leader on the continent for the first time.


The first milestone birthday: Hobby celebrates its 10th anniversary.


Hobby continues to thrive: The “Nordland-Zeltfabrik” company is acquired and the 25,000th caravan leaves the assembly hall.


Managing the growing factory becomes more complex: A new office building is constructed.


Becoming more independent: The “Rendsburger Feuerverzinkerei” hot-dip galvanising plant is founded.


An important milestone: The 5,000th caravan is completed.


Assembly Hall 1 is officially opened and the number of employees grows to 132.


42 employees now produce six caravans a day.


Hobby and its four employees move to the company’s own premises with over 10,000 m² of space on “Schafredder” street.


The “Hobby-Wohnwagenwerk” company is founded in Fockbek.