A remote control for your Hobby

Try it at no cost

Control your Hobby from a distance

Want to come home to a nice cool caravan after a day at the beach? Or get warm quickly in your Hobby after an icy ski trip – preferably without waiting? HobbyConnect and the free MyHobby app make it easy to set your ideal temperature while out and about. Just one of many smart features that you can easily control from your mobile phone or tablet.

Total control, wherever you are

HobbyConnect gives you complete control over your Hobby’s on-board systems – no matter how far away you are from your vehicle. All you need is the free MyHobby app on your smartphone or tablet. From almost anywhere in the world, you can:

  • Check battery levels
  • Control air conditioning and heating
  • Activate internal lighting
  • Check the water tank
  • Check the fuel gauge
  • Show the interior and exterior temperature
  • Show the vehicle’s current location

… and much more. And because HobbyConnect is constantly evolving, you can always look forward to new features!

How it works

HobbyConnect provides an interface between your vehicle’s CI-BUS on-board management system and the internet. Once an online connection is established via an integrated SIM card, you can use the free MyHobby app on your mobile phone or tablet to view and control all on-board electronic equipment – from virtually anywhere in the world. Naturally, only you or people authorised by you can access your vehicle’s systems.

HobbyConnect is free to use for the first year. You can then decide whether to renew the contract for the on-board SIM card. You can also use the system without a valid SIM card via a Bluetooth connection.

HobbyConnect is an optional accessory that is available for all Deluxe and Premium caravans, motorhomes and van models.

Download and try the MyHobby app

The MyHobby app is free to download and use. You do not need to own a Hobby vehicle in order to try it. Simply press “Demo” in the app to access the many available features.