The 2018 camping season has lots of new things to offer! We’re most looking forward to providing you with a preview of the new 2018 Hobby model range – at our ‘Golden age’ autumn event.
In line with the motto – It was wonderful and will only get better! – Hobby is celebrating its 50th anniversary with an entertaining weekend and lots of prizes! Take part in the prize draw for a chance to win the 50th-anniversary-edition caravan. Good luck!
Come to the exciting autumn event: we’re looking forward to two wonderful days!

In addition to many different smaller prizes, a very special prize will be raffled off this year at the ‘Golden age’ autumn event: the 50th anniversary edition worth around €30,000. To take part in the competition, all you have to do is complete the competition card, tick one of the Hobby models listed and then drop the card in the raffle box. We wish you lots of luck and success!