Motorhome Innovations


In the 2019 season, Hobby’s motorhomes feature numerous constructive and technical innovations.

The design engineers particularly focused on targeted optimisation of practical details. For instance, the gas bottle pull-out shelf has been improved, the entrance doors have been equipped with new door catches and warm air circulation in the rear washroom has been optimised.

The most eye-catching alteration of the season has undoubtedly been made to the OPTIMA DE LUXE model range. It now boasts a completely redesigned rear section.


  1. New rear design for OPTIMA DE LUXE
  2. New model designation in the rear area*
  3. Improved gas locker*
  4. New wedge decal on the side*
  5. New door stop
  6. New rooflight, DOMETIC-SEITZ, Midi-Heki 700 x 500 mm
  7. New curved decal in Silver Grey*
  8. New door decal*

*Depending on model


  1. Decorative panel between bedroom and rear washroom (Optima T70 F / 75 HF)
  2. Improved circulation of warm air in the rear washrooms
  3. New illuminated grab handle
  4. New articulated TV bracket suitable for 22" televisions
  5. Improved alcove bed design*
  6. New USB power sockets with two ports
  7. New battery sensor for optimised charging
  8. New passively cooled charging unit without fan enables quieter charging of the on-board battery

*Depending on model

Model Ranges