Optima Ontour Edition

The Hobby Van

The OPTIMA ONTOUR EDITION has been a resounding success since its launch at CMT 2019 and has already become a bestseller within a very short period of time.

The modern van is agile, affordable and comes fully equipped – without any annoying additional packages.

For the 2020 season, the two V65 GE and V65 GF models will have one new addition – the V65 GQ. The first queen-size bed solution in a van is both unique and new. Despite its compact external dimensions, the V 65 GQ features a smart layout, especially the spacious sleeping area.



  • 3 different layouts including
    1 queen-size bed model (new)
  • Further options can be ordered

V65 GQ

  • 2 berths
  • 4 seats when the vehicle is being driven
  • Spacious sleeping compartment
  • Easy-access queen-size bed
  • Unique queen-size bed solution with adjustable length (with day and night positions)
  • Plenty of storage space under the queen-size bed
  • Handy worktop extension
  • Slim Tower refrigerator

Technical data

  • All layouts with a width of 2.16 metres and an interior headroom of 1.98 metres
  • Maximum technically permissible laden mass of 3.5 t or over
  • New standard engine:
    2.2 l, 120 hp, Euro 6d-TEMP, 300 Nm

    with start/stop technology


  • Furniture finish: Cocobolo / Piquet Grey
  • Upholstery in living area: Taiga
  • Upholstery in cab: Taiga