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The new vans for 2018

Vantana 2018

Vantana 2018

The Vantana will be available in season 2018 with a strong quartet of 4 attractive layouts. Two models, the K60 Fs and K60 FT, are just six metres in length, whilst the two larger representatives of the van series, the K65 Es and K65 FT, reach a length of almost 6.40 metres. Thanks to the fact that they are just about 2 metres wide, all four models are highly suited for city trips and narrow roads, for instance toward surfing spots or remote mountain biking routes.

And outdoor enthusiasts travelling in the Vantana do not need to miss out on mobile comfort and clever room concepts. In addition to the three layouts with a double-bed across the width of the vehicle at the rear, the K65 Es is also available with single beds.

All four models have a variable seating area for four persons in the front area. Two of these are created by turning the cockpit seats around. However, there are differences in terms of the sanitary area in the Vantana. There are two possible wash room solutions available depending in the model.


Layout Vantana K60 Fs

Vantana K60 Fs

Layout Vantana K60 FT

Vantana K60 FT

Layout Vantana K65 Es

Vantana K65 Es

Layout Vantana K65 FT

Vantana K65 FT

The automotive focus of the Vantana is clearly emphasised by its new exterior design as of season 2018 which makes the van much more streamlined. Anyone who wants more light in the rear area can order extra side windows.

There are two furniture décors for the interior design to choose from. One absolutely new combination available from season 2018 is ‘Bronze Metallic/Stone Grey Metallic’ that will be available as an alternative to the ‘Ashai Ash/Magnolia Metallic/Bronze Metallic’ décor. 

Upholstery combination

Upholstery combination ‘Mali’
Upholstery combination ‘Mali’
Upholstery combination ‘Capri’
Upholstery combination ‘Capri’

Furniture décor

Furniture décor ‘Bronze Metallic/Stone Grey Metallic’
Furniture décor ‘Bronze Metallic/Stone Grey Metallic’
Furniture décor ‘Ashai Ash / Lana Grey’
Furniture décor ‘Ashai Ash / Lana Grey’

Photo gallery

Double bed

Kitchen drawers

LED lighting and power sockets

Side washroom

Seating area

Floor compartment

Single beds

Entrance door

Cosy night


Mirror cabinet

The new SlimLine refrigerator developed and patented by Hobby is discreetly hidden away behind the furniture finish and creates a completely new sense of space. Inside, the compressor refrigerator is divided up in an ingenious way: there are spacious cooling compartments on the left and right, and there is room for a pull-out beverage compartment in the middle between the two doors. Conventional 0.7-litre drinkbottles can be placed in here with ease. The quiet refrigerator features a night set-back and boost function and can be controlled using the TFT control panel and the “MyHobby” app.

Vantana Slim-Line Overheadrefrigerator

As an alternative to the standard Slim-Line compressor refrigerator, customers can opt for an 80 litre absorber refrigerator with a 5 litre freezer section for the Vantana.

The designers paid close attention to lots of details when optimising the new compact wash room. The wet cell of the type K60 Fs and K65 Es, which have space-saving sliding toilets, now also boast a new mirror cabinet above the window and a small storage compartment in the upper part of the shower column. There is also a roof hood available as an option for the wash room.

In the future, the transition between the cockpit and the living area will be designed much more conveniently thanks to the new and extra-wide threshold. This will be used in all models of the Vantana and Optima series.

New rear view camera

Reversing camera

One great driving safety feature is the new rear view camera by Dometic that was specially designed for vans and is available as an option for the Vantana. The brake light camera unit has two lenses that work independently of each other: One acts as a rear view camera, the other as a rear view mirror when the vehicle is being driven. 

Detachable towing hook

Abnehmbare Anhängerkupplung

Be it a boat trailer, luggage rack or motorbike trailer - anyone who wants to take larger recreational equipment with them on holiday and requires a trailer can now order also a detachable towing hook for their motor home or van from Hobby. 

Advantage: When not needed, the towing hook head can be simply removed and stowed in the vehicle.

Thule Elite VAN XT Bicycle rack

Bicycle rack

The Thule Elite Van XT rear bike rack will be available as an optional extra for the Vantana models K65 FT and K65 in season 2018. Its useful load of 35 kg means it can transport two bikes. The bike rack itself weighs 10.5 kg. One advantage is that it can be fitted without any drilling and, once mounted, does not obstruct the van’s doors even when bikes are on the rack.


  • For all VANTANA models (except K60Fs/K60FT) 
  • For max. 2 bicycles
  • Useful load: 35 kg
  • Max. weight/bicycle: 19 kg
  • Rack depth 500 mm
  • Deadweight: 10.5 kg
  • Cannot be expanded
  • Easy installation/dismantling (without drilling)
  • Door can be opened with mounted bikes without removing the bike rack
  • Extensive range of accessories available via retail dealers



New items

  • Unique outer décor
  • Two new furniture décors to choose from
  • Bronze Metallic / Stone Grey Metallic with upholstery combination ‘Capri’ or 
  • Ashai Ash/ Magnolia Metallic / Bronze Metallic with upholstery combination ‘Mali’ 
  • 4 layouts, 
  • two with wash room on the side
  • two with compact wash room and sliding toilet
  • K55 F, K60 F and K65 E n/a
  • Special paint finish: Grey, Black-metallic and Silver-metallic
  • The LED light package has been expanded to include another gooseneck light above the driver’s seat
  • Homogeneous transition between the floor of the driver’s cab and the floor of the living area 
  • Absorber refrigerator in all models (optional)
  • 2 wash room layouts with sliding toilet (K60 Fs and K65 Es) now with a new mirror cabinet
  • Roof hood in wash room (optional)
  • Two wall cabinet hatches that can be opened separately above the seating area
  • Hinged slat frame
  • Rear view camera in the 3rd brake light (optional)
  • Preparation for solar system (optional)