Built for #kids

The Hobby MAXIA 595 KML

A camping holiday with kids means adventures and all kinds of new experiences out in the fresh air. That makes it all the more important to have a place to retreat to where every member of the family feels at home. With innovative concepts for family caravans, we offer both big and small campers everything they need for the perfect holiday.

MAXIA 595 KML: One for all

With the MAXIA 595 KML, Hobby has gone one step further. The multifunctional rear section adapts to suit a broad range of situations when travelling. The berths can be transformed into up to seven beds in just a few simple steps. As an alternative, the area can be used as additional storage space and for other accessories. And that makes the most recent member of the MAXIA family a companion for every stage of life.

Technical data

Length7.976 mm
Width2.500 mm
Maximum technically permissible laden mass1.800 kg
Payload211 kg

Multifunctional rear area

3 Betten (mittleres Bett optional)
Stauraum (Serienzustand)
1 Bett (Serienzustand)
2 Betten (Serienzustand)
1 Bett + Gepäcksicherung (Serienzustand)
1 Bett + Sitzecke (Spielhöhle und Maltisch optional)
1 Bett + Sitzecke (Serienzustand)
2 Betten + Gepäcksicherung (mittleres Bett optional)
2 Betten + Stauraum / Hundeplatz (mittleres Bett optional)
3 Betten (mittleres Bett optional)

With kids. With dogs. With friends. Or as a couple with lots of room for luggage: the MAXIA 595 KML is as multifaceted as life itself. The multifunctional children’s bed area offers more than nine different potential uses – from an area for sleeping and playing to a clever storage space with room for four-legged friends.

Sleep and play

There is room for up to three bunk beds, each with a load-bearing capacity of 100 kg, in the multifunctional rear area. Thanks to push-in mounts with roll-up bed slats and mattresses, the comfortable upper beds that each measure 76 x 200 cm can easily be assembled and disassembled. The bottom bed is made up of three upholstered cushions and a topper to create a bed measuring 73 x 200 cm. The dimpled structure of the form fleece underside ensures good air circulation, even in winter.

When the lower beds are not being used, they turn into a small seating area with their cushions. A curtain that attaches to the upper bed frame with hook-and-loop tape transforms the playroom into a cosy fort. Side windows on the lower levels and a rooflight over the top bed let in daylight. All of the windows can be darkened at night.

Dimmable children’s lights on all levels serve as reading and night lights. Integrated USB A/C ports provide power for digital devices.

Storage space for big and small

Six shelves with four storage boxes are located at the foot end of the children’s beds. They provide a spot for cuddly toys, books and other treasures. The holes in the perforated back panel can be used to mount mesh pockets and other accessories. Moreover, the panel ensures the even distribution of warmth to all of the bed levels.

In addition to providing a place to sleep and play, the lower children’s bed area serves as a flexible storage area for boxes and luggage. The bunk bed ladder can be used as a guard while on the road. It easily slides in front of the lower area where it can be fixed in place. As an alternative, it offers a cosy retreat with a cushion for four-legged friends.

Large family bed

Do the kids need some room for cuddles at night? The two single beds in the front section of the MAXIA 595 KML can be converted into a cosy family bed. With the optional bed extension, a generous bed is created that measures 2.20 m in width. It provides a full-sized place to sleep for two adults and one child.

Cosy living and dining area

"Stylish yet durable: as with all of the caravans in the MAXIA range, the MAXIA 595 KML features Scandinavian design. Surfaces covered with durable felt-effect fabric and easy-care materials embody family-friendly cosiness. The large family seating area with a practical fold-down table turns into an additional berth in just a few steps. With up to three bunk beds, a large family bed and a converted seating area, the MAXIA 595 KML offers an impressive seven sleeping options.

The extra-wide side kitchen, which includes a pull-out drawer and a large DOMETIC 133-l refrigerator with an integrated 12-l freezer compartment and a double-hinged door, provides plenty of storage space and comfort just like home."

The comfortable seating area is perfect for relaxing with its large lounge cushions (like on a chaise longue). It also offers plenty of room for eating and playing. And when it’s mealtime, the flexible cushions are simply pulled up to form a backrest. The table can then accommodate up to four people.

Other features of the Maxia 595 KML

Seating area in the flexible children’s bed area

Multifunctional back panel

Rear shelf


133-litre refrigerator from DOMETIC

Compact washroom

Cosy seating areas


The concept behind the MAXIA 595 KML

A caravan built for kids. With plenty of flexibility to accommodate as many or as few kids as needed. Modern, up-to-date and with a whole host of extras. It doesn’t exist yet – but it should, is what Hobby Project Manager Christoph Semkow thought to himself. Discover more about how the MAXIA 595 KML came to be.

How the MAXIA 595 KML came to be

Built for families

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