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A beach vibe on wheels

Sun, sea and sand – this holiday feeling is the inspiration for BEACHY, Hobby’s new sub-brand. Inspired by countless stories on social media and a whole host of emotions associated with holidays – such as driftwood, shells, sand and Marram grass – the entire Hobby team is enthusiastic about a new vision of a simple holiday companion. Together with a Danish designer and a renowned design agency that takes on technical projects, Hobby’s creatives made their cool idea a reality.

The result is a genuine beach vibe on wheels.

The Beachy

The BEACHY is a symbiosis of a camper van and Harald Striewski’s first home-made Hobby caravan. It is compact and particularly charming with its round shape. One unique gimmick is the large rear door: sitting on the bed and looking at the water gives you a real beachy feeling – whether at the beach, in the mountains or in the city. Born on the beach in northern Germany, the BEACHY is at home anywhere.

The story

“Forget everything you’ve ever known about camping”. This statement by Holger Schulz, who came up with the idea, became the Hobby team’s motto when developing the BEACHY. Simple, not too many frills, bright and natural colours, and a real beachy feeling – that’s why the smallest Hobby caravan has a pure beach vibe inside.

Keep it simple

the interior of the new BEACHY is simple and unique at the same time. Fabric-covered baskets and elastic straps provide ample storage space in place of the usual wall units. The cosy seating area features sand-coloured cushions with a natural linen look and can be flexibly converted into a comfortable sleeping area in just a few simple steps.

As always, a compact kitchen and a walk-in wardrobe, which can be fitted with a Porta Potti as an option, are included. The new BEACHY is available in three different models, which get progressively larger in size.

Target weight < 1.000 kg (BEACHY 420)

Beachy 360

Beachy 420

Beachy 450

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