Optima De Luxe


With its elegant exterior design and modern interior, the OPTIMA DE LUXE is truly eye-catching, both outside an inside.

Whatever your needs, three layouts with up to five berths provide a luxurious experience. Choose between layouts with single beds, or with a drop-down bed in addition. A premium equipment package is always included, leaving nothing to be desired.


Chassis cowlFiat
Berthsup to 5



Optima De Luxe T70 GE
Optima De Luxe T65 GE

Practical corner kitchen

Our practical corner kitchen is the perfect place for creating culinary masterpieces. Lots of storage space, a premium equipment package and a large refrigerator provide luxury and convenience.

Make yourself at home

As your day draws to a close, relax and make yourself at home in the generous lounge area.

Practical washrooms

The washrooms are perfectly tailored to the vehicle layout and provide the same levels of convenience and luxury as spacious showers.

Optima De Luxe T70 GE


Your fully equipped Optima De Luxe

All you need, all included: with the ”HobbyComplete” ALL-INCLUSIVE package, your Hobby is equipped with everything you need for a great holiday. Without any extra costs or expensive optional packages.

Because with Hobby, you don’t have to choose between budget and comfort.

The availability of the following ”HobbyComplete” ALL-INCLUSIVE package features depends on the model of vehicle. Please refer to the current price list for details of the relevant features for individual models.

Living area

Intelligently planned down to the last detail

Driver and passenger seats with armrests (captain’s chair)

The ergonomically adjustable seats relieve the strain on your back on long journeys. Armrests on both sides and firm padding take the stress out of travelling. When you arrive at your destination, the chairs can be rotated by 180° in a matter of seconds, transforming the cab into a cosy seating area.

Swan neck lamps

The flexible swan neck lamps in the seating areas and by the beds are ideal for reading thanks to their directable light source.

Standard features for

Numerous power sockets

A number of easily accessible power sockets can be found on board. (Dual USB charging socket optional)

Swivel table extension

Got guests on board? The table can be extended by an additional table top in just one easy movement – and put back again after the meal to save space.

Ambient lighting, design dependent on model

Standard features for

Grab handle with light

Standard features for

Storage space

Bring it all with you

Large storage space under the beds

The large storage spaces provide ample room for your luggage and are easy to load. Inside the vehicle, powerful bed lifts with a large opening angle provide easy access.

Insulated garages

The large garages are heated and insulated throughout. The garage doors have a large opening angle, making it easy to store bicycles and items of luggage. The garage door on the driver’s side allows easy loading from both sides.

Shelf in the cab

The handy shelf gives direct access to everything that drivers and passengers need to quickly get their hands on.

Optimum heat distribution

The clever design of the furniture ensures the perfect distribution of heat in any climate.

Large wardrobe

Perfectly organised. The spacious wardrobe has enough room for both long and short clothes, as well as folded items of clothing.

Wardrobe with interior light

An instant overview: the LED lighting in all the wardrobes ensures you can see everything at a glance.

Drawer in the entrance area

Keeping your mobile home clean and tidy: the drawer in the entrance area is perfect for outdoor footwear, a dustpan or other items that you need to quickly get your hands on from inside or outside.

Standard features for

Locker under the double bed

The locker under the double bed has room for your shoes, folded items of clothing and other things that need to be readily accessible.

Easy-access linen cupboards

Sturdy steps provide ease of access to the linen cupboards above the beds.

Storage made easy

Thanks to the split mattress on the longitudinal beds, storing items in the compartment under the bed couldn’t be any easier: simply lift up the bottom end and store your luggage in the spacious compartments.

Coat hooks in entrance area

Jackets, scarves and hats can be stored right next to the entrance door. The grab handle helps you to get into the vehicle safely and easily.


Modern kitchen design with ample storage space

Perfect kitchen design

Home-from-home cooking convenience: with the 91 cm-high worktop, modern fittings and the stainless steel sink with cover, the kitchen is a cook’s dream. Thanks to the generous work surface, there’s nothing to stop you from preparing elaborate dishes either.

Spacious AES refrigerator with freezer compartment

The new absorption refrigerator with Automatic Energy Selection (AES) features a practical, double-hinged door. Thanks to its 133-litre capacity and height-adjustable shelves, provisions of all shapes and sizes can be stored with ease. There is an extra storage space for storage containers and tinned food underneath the refrigerator.

Practical cutlery insert

Cutlery drawers with well-planned dividers ensure that your cutlery and kitchen utensils remain in place in transit.

Conveniently-sized kitchen drawers

The large, fully extendable drawers with push lock mechanisms ensure a clear overview and easy access. The soft-close mechanism ensures the drawers close smoothly and quietly.

Functional kitchen splashback

The fully integrated kitchen blind with pleated blind and fly screen is a beautiful, all-in-one unit. All kitchens also feature two handy power sockets.

Hob with automatic ignition

Up to three dishes can be cooked at the same time on the stainless steel hob – even in larger pans – thanks to a clever division of space. The safety pilot provides an extra level of safety, while the cover serves as an additional work surface.

Perfectly illuminated kitchens

Just as light as you want it to be in the kitchen: The stylishly integrated lighting strip features bright and energy- saving LED lights. In addition, LED spotlights provide the kitchen with superb general lighting.

Kitchen counter

Sleeping area

Everything you need for a good night’s rest

Optimal ventilation

The standard rooflight from Dometic with pleated blind and fly screen ensures that the sleeping area is supplied with fresh air.

Electric drop-down bed

The drop-down bed can be fixed in place at any height electrically without obstructing access to the habitation entrance door, even when lowered.

Standard features for

Bed extension

The single beds can quickly be made into an extra-large bed using the additional cushion. The ladder system makes it easier to get into bed.

Bed head shelving

The bed head panel makes for a cosy interior. Featuring a central light switch and easily accessible shelving, it’s an ideal place for keeping books, reading glasses and other items.

Standard features for

Individual sleeping comfort

Tailor-made for you: combined with the slatted frame GOODSIDE®, the premium cold foam mattress moulds itself perfectly to the shape of your body. The system is supplied with fibreglass slats in three different firmness levels. They are compatible with one another – to suit your personal preferences.

Plenty of headroom

The sleeping area boasts a generous amount of headroom above the beds so you can sit up comfortably.

Heating control

The digital CP PLUS control panel by TRUMA has a timer function, individual night set-back and temperature sensor.

Light switch in sleeping area


Everything you need for personal care

Extendable washing line

This practical aid for hanging damp clothing or towels can be rigged up in an instant.

Optimal ventilation

All bathrooms are equipped with the full-sized Mini-Heki rooflight from DOMETIC SEITZ.

Generous storage facilities

Lots of room for your shampoo, creams, hairbrushes and so on: there’s plenty of room for all of your care products in the under-sink cupboard and mirror cabinets, so everything is close at hand and neatly stowed away, even when travelling.

LED spotlights provide a pleasant light in the bathroom, making the space appear large and welcoming.

Functional shower column

All washrooms are equipped with a stylish designer shower column. It has shelves for securely storing your shampoo and shower gel within easy reach.

Toothbrush holder inclusive

Two toothbrush holders complete the luxury washroom package. Thanks to the adhesive pads, you can choose where to position the holders yourself.

Practical THETFORD rotating toilet

The rotating cassette toilet ensures optimal use of space. It features a powerful, quiet flush system. An intelligent display notifies you when the tank has to be emptied.

Body / on-board technology

Everything you need for the perfect holiday

Protective GRP roofs and floors

The roofs and floors of our motorhomes are GRP-coated and protect your mobile home from external influences.

Floor with XPS heat insulation

The underfloor consists of weatherproof XPS heat insulation with a GRP underfloor coating and ensures outstanding insulation values.

Premium windows

The double-glazed and tinted external windows are particularly resistant to deformation caused by hot and cold weather. They dampen noise and provide lasting protection against moisture. Security locks keep thieves at bay.

Rear lights with dynamic indicator

The cutting-edge rear lights with dynamic indicators lend the motorhome a sporty and stylish appearance.

Standard features for

More room thanks to lowered rear

The lowered rear of the low-frame chassis ensures maximum garage dimensions. Frost protection is ensured by XPS floor insulation. The garage doors are fitted with gas springs, which keep the door securely in place when open.

Sturdy tie down rails

Adjustable tie down eyelets, in which support straps can be fastened, secure loads reliably in place.

Security lock

The solid lock protects your mobile home.

Premium blackout blind and fly screen system

All side windows are equipped with a combi-cassette system to protect against sun and insects. (Excluding washroom window)

Extendable double entry step and sturdy side skirts

The electrically extendable entry step allows easier access to and from the vehicle. The skirt rail is made of aluminium, making it particularly hardwearing and impact-resistant.

Standard features for

Handy gas bottle pull-out shelf

The spacious gas locker provides plenty of room for two gas bottles. The pull-out shelf makes it easy to change the bottle when empty.

Sturdy safety locks

The flat-style storage compartment locks provide added security.

Easy-to-access fresh water tank

The fresh water tank is frost-protected and installed securely in the bench seat. The drain tap is readily accessible and the tank is easy to clean as a result.

Extra-wide entrance door with window, two-point locking, storage shelves and waste bin

The door is fitted with sturdy hinges. The window with integrated pleated blind offers a clear view or privacy as required. The compartments provide space for small items. The practical waste bin with an integrated dustpan and brush set helps you keep the vehicle clean.

Standard features for

Hinged roof vent in cab

The hinged, double-glazed and tinted roof vent lets in plenty of daylight and extra fresh air. On sunny days, a handy pleated blind and fly screen prevents it from getting too hot inside, whilst also keeping insects at bay.

Insulated rooflights

All models are fitted with at least three rooflights DOMETIC SEITZ as standard. They ensure excellent insulation, optimal ventilation and a cosy atmosphere. All rooflights are fitted with pleated blinds and fly screens.

Pleated fly screen for the habitation entrance door

The pleated fly screen integrated in the habitation entrance door frame lets in daylight and fresh air, whilst keeping insects at bay.

Floor mat in the cab

The easy-care floor mat in the driver’s cabin keeps your motorhome tidy. The durable design with a reinforced heel area and Hobby logo is custom-tailored to fit the vehicle.

Easily accessible frost monitor valve

If there is a risk of frost, the currentless safety drain valve empties the boiler automatically. This prevents the drain pipe from freezing and safeguards the water supply.

Hot air heating system TRUMA-combi 6 with hot water boiler

A cosy temperature and hot water are ensured by the heating system. Once set up, the temperature you select remains constant. Hot-air openings ensure that the heat is distributed evenly throughout the vehicle.

Insulated, heated waste water tank

The waste water tank on all Hobby motorhomes is installed under the floor and housed in a shatter-proof and heated insulation box. The slide valve for the used water is located in the heated part of the waste water tank.

Central gas distributor in the kitchen

The gas distributor is easily accessible in the kitchen.

Fuse box under passenger seat

Changing a fuse is a doddle thanks to the readily accessible distribution box under the passenger seat. Using the red battery master switch, the 12 V circuit can be interrupted at any time. This helps to conserve battery power during longer idle periods, such as in winter.

HOBBYCONNECT Controls for on-board technology via TFT control panel and bluetooth using app

HOBBYCONNECT provides you with access to the most important electronic devices and features of your mobile home from inside the vehicle and nearby. The system is operated via the TFT control panel in the vehicle and using the Bluetooth feature in conjunction with the latest HobbyConnect app. You can easily control the on-board technology using your smartphone or tablet computer. Save your lighting settings, check the battery status and tank levels, or turn on the air conditioning or heating, for example – it couldn’t be easier using the self-explanatory symbols on your mobile device.


  • HOBBYCONNECT is included with many models as standard
  • The Bluetooth control feature is included free of charge with HOBBYCONNECT
  • The HOBBYCONNECT app is available free of charge for all Hobby customers on Google Play Store and the App Store

Standard features for

Blackout system REMIS for front and side cab windows

The proven pleated blind system for the cab from REMIS can be easily and quickly slid sideways to keep out prying eyes and sunlight.

Large rooflight

Even more daylight, yet optimal insulation: the large Midi-Heki rooflight DOMETIC SEITZ is available as an option for all models in the living and sleeping areas.

Navigation system with DAB+, pitch database and reversing camera

Besides functioning as a CD/DVD player, navigation system including pitch-finder app and display for the reversing camera, the AV tuner is used for wireless phone calls via Bluetooth and as a central media player.

Power sockets in garage, 12∘V / 230∘V

Standard features for

LED daytime running light

Standard features for

Elegant awning

Extend your living space outdoors: the awnings from THULE OMNISTOR are tailored to the specific vehicle length and extend your habitation area.

Include even more?

Want to hit the road without making any sacrifices? With the “HobbyKomplett” ALL-INCLUSIVE package, you enjoy comfort just like at home in the kitchen, bathroom and living area. Discover more and enjoy the anticipation!

Optional extras

To suit your needs.

Do you have a specialist hobby or specific equipment requirements? The appropriate optional extras and many individual solutions are available to help you tailor your Hobby motorhome to your own purposes and holiday needs.

HOBBYCONNECT+ Remote control for on-board technology via mobil e communications using app

Want to turn on the air conditioning or heating before you get back to your vehicle? With Hobby, you can. HOBBYCONNECT+ provides you with access to many of your vehicle’s electronic devices from any location using your mobile phone network. The latest HOBBYCONNECT app allows you to easily control your vehicle using your smartphone or tablet computer, wherever you are.


  • Worldwide remote control via HOBBYCONNECT+ and mobile phone network
  • Vehicle position information via push notification
  • The HOBBYCONNECT app is available free of charge for all Hobby customers on Google Play Store and the App Store

Cosy L-shaped seating area

The L-shaped seating area with rotating single-post lift table gives the vehicle a really cosy feel and creates an extra seat in the habitation area. (Not available for every Optima model)

Optional extras for

Thermal curtains

The insulating thermal curtains ensure that the cockpit stays warm even at low temperatures. The lockable hatch allows easy operation of the ultimedia system at any time.

Carpet in the habitation area

The removable and easy-clean shag-pile carpet creates a cosy interior and is tailored exactly to each layout.

Bed conversion in the seating area

Thanks to a handy conversion kit, the seating area can be converted into an extra berth.

Extra cab bed

A comfortable bed for little ones is created in the cab using additional cushions and levelling wedges.

Framed windows

The high-quality, double-glazed and tinted framed windows are fitted flush with the exterior wall for a seamless look.

Satellite/TV combination consisting of TELECO satellite system, 22" LED flat screen TV including tuner/receiver and DVD player, pull-out TV bracket

The fully automatic satellite system from TELECO includes a 65 cm parabolic mirror for a large range. Thanks to its minimal installation height of 19 cm, the system is extremely aero dynamic. The system can be controlled with ease using your TV set and aligns with the required satellite automatically.

The 22" LED flat screen is great for chilling out after an eventful day’s holidaymaking. Together with the satellite system and pull-out TV bracket, let the cosy TV evenings begin.

Standard features for

Tow bar

Whether fixed or detachable, the tow bar is necessary for attaching a boat or motorbike trailer, for example.

Powerful rear corner steadies

The rear corner steadies are made of glass fibre-reinforced plastic and aluminium. Thanks to the secure footing, a good night’s sleep is guaranteed.

Roof-mounted air conditioning unit with heating function

The roof-mounted air conditioning unit Dometic Freshjet has four controllable air flow settings. This quality lightweight system is economical and pleasantly quiet.

Hot water heater

The hot water heater ALDE 3020 HE with a total power output of 8,500 watts and an integrated 8.4-litre boiler is available for many models. Heating and water heating can be used both simultaneously and independently of one another.

Optional extras for

Heating system truma combi 6 E

The efficient hot air heating system Truma Combi 6 E can be run off the 230 V mains as well as on gas. This saves the amount of gas you will need, particularly in winter.

Dual USB charging socket

Smartphones or tablets can be easily charged via the USB sockets in the sleeping and seating areas.

External gas socket

Thanks to the handy external socket for gas- powered equipment, you can easily cook your meals al fresco.

External socket 230 V, including satellite/TV connection

The 230 V external power point means you can watch TV or use the electric grill outside when the weather’s nice.

Practical outside shower

Aside from freshening you up, the outside shower is also perfect for cleaning bits of equipment quickly and easily.


Ever fancied baking bread or rustling up homemade pizza on your travels? Well, now you can, whenever you want – thanks to the built-in oven.

Bicycle rack SAWIKO Mikro for 4 bicycles, loading capacity 120 kg

This bicycle rack from SAWIKO can hold up to four bicycles. The rack system features a high loading capacity, so e-bikes can also be transported with ease.

Bicycle rack

The bicycle racks can hold up to four bicycles. A separate rack system is available for e-bikes.

Motorhome catalogue



  • Optima De Luxe
    T65 GE
  • Overall length:7.069 mm
  • Technically permissible gross weight:3.500 kg
  • Total width:2.330 mm
  • Total passengers when driving:4
  • Bed spaces for adults:2
  • Berths optional:2
  • Optima De Luxe
    T70 GE
  • Overall length:7.415 mm
  • Technically permissible gross weight:3.500 kg
  • Total width:2.330 mm
  • Total passengers when driving:4
  • Bed spaces for adults:2
  • Berths optional:2
  • Optima De Luxe
    T75 HGE
  • Overall length:7.535 mm
  • Technically permissible gross weight:3.650 kg
  • Total width:2.330 mm
  • Total passengers when driving:4
  • Bed spaces for adults:4
  • Berths optional:1