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Hobby caravans and motorhomes for families

Lots of storage space, clever bed solutions and room to play games, let off steam and enjoy meals together: families have some very specific requirements when hitting the road on their holidays. For over 55 years, we have been developing the perfect caravans and motorhomes to meet the needs of campers – no matter what their age. From bunk beds with a guard and hard-wearing upholstery fabrics to large seating areas with ample room for everyone.

This page provides you with an overview of the layouts that have been specially developed for families. This includes models for newcomers and old hands, as well as large and small families. From the compact and agile to models that are spacious and come with all the bells and whistles.

By the way, the letter “K” in our layouts stands for children’s bed. These are bunk beds with two or three tiers.


The compact entry-level one

Despite its compact dimensions, our smallest caravan, the ONTOUR 470 KMF, can easily accommodate up to five people. The double bed at the front of the caravan is for parents, while kids get to sleep in the cosy bunk bed. If required, the seating area can be converted into an additional berth. Rather ingeniously, the bottom bunk bed can be folded up during the day to provide a space to play in – there is even a colouring board on the underside of the bed.



Wide choice for families

With five different children’s bed layouts, the Hobby DE LUXE range offers families a wide choice. Equipped with bunk beds, a double bed and a seating area that can be converted into an extra berth, the DE LUXE 490 KMF, 540 KMFe, 545 KMF and 560 KMFe models can accommodate up to five people. Thanks to the space-saving drop-down bed above the family seating area, the DE LUXE 515 UHK has a total of seven berths. Another highlight of this model is the separate children’s room. Aside from a bunk bed, it also contains a separate children’s seating area where they can paint and play. At night, this can be converted into an extra berth. In a few simple steps, the family seating area can also be transformed into another bed for two people.


Excellent Edition

Modern and family-friendly

The EXCELLENT EDITION boasts modern furnishings and four family layouts with room for up to five people. All of the layouts feature bunk beds, a double bed and a seating area that can be converted into another berth. The bunk beds in the 490 KMF, 545 KMF and 560 KMFe models can be folded up during the day to create a bigger play area. A handy colouring board can be found on the back. The length of the EXCELLENT EDITION 650 KMFe makes it particularly roomy. A separate children’s room with a three-tier bunk bed and its own seating area is the highlight for young campers.



Elegant and spacious

The caravans in the PRESTIGE model range are characterised by their elegant and comfortable furnishings, as well as their spaciousness and large couch seating areas. Equipped with a bunk bed, a double bed and a convertible seating area, the PRESTIGE 650 KFU and the longer PRESTIGE 720 KWFU can sleep up to six people. The PRESTIGE 720 UKFe can even accommodate up to seven people.






Incredibly spacious, Scandinavian-inspired caravan

At Hobby, MAXIA stands for Scandinavian design and modern comfort. The MAXIA 595 KML is a particularly flexible family layout with room for up to seven people. The multifunctional children’s bed area is especially practical. Up to three berths, a cosy play den or a small seating area can be created here in a few simple steps. Alternatively, the area can be used as storage space or as a haven for your four-legged friends. Parents sleep in the huge family bed. The seating area can be converted into another large bed, if required.



Optima ontour

Motorhomes for families

Two well-designed layouts for families are available in OPTIMA ONTOUR motorhomes. Equipped with a space-saving drop-down bed, bunk beds and a children’s berth in the cab, the reasonably priced, entry-level OPTIMA ONTOUR T65 HKM can accommodate up to seven people. The OPTIMA ONTOUR OVERCAB A65 KM boasts extra storage space and an airy canopy bed. The layout also features a bunk bed with berths for two children, as well as an option for two extra berths in the converted seating area. Thanks to the extra children’s bed in the cab, this motorhome can also accommodate up to seven people.





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