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Included in every Hobby

In your new Hobby caravan, modern comforts come as standard. Discover the wide array of features that make holidays in a Hobby caravan even more enjoyable.

The availability of the following “HobbyKomplett” ALL-INCLUSIVE package features will depend on the model of vehicle. Please refer to the current price list for details of the exact features.


Stabiliser hitch

Safety first: the safety coupling from KNOTT with tracking stabiliser and convenient single-lever system is all part of the package with Hobby.

Overrun brake with automatic adjustment

The KNOTT ANS overrun brake adjusts itself automatically, guaranteeing unrestricted braking performance at all times. A key safety feature, particularly in critical driving conditions.

A-Frame with walk-on cover

Attractive and practical: the stand-on cover makes it easier to load and unload the gas locker. It also makes it easier to clean the front of the caravan.

Sturdy, heavy-duty supports

The heavy-duty supports give the caravan stability, ensuring that everything stays as it should inside.

Combi Cassette with blackout blind and fly screen system

All side windows are equipped with a combi-cassette system to protect against sun and insects. (Excluding washroom window)

The picture shows the “Prestige” model range.

Insulated rooflights

Every Hobby caravan is fitted with a Midi-Heki rooflight DOMETIC SEITZ. Up to two additional Mini-Heki roof vents help to ensure the temperature inside the caravan is perfect. When open, fresh air is drawn into the caravan. When closed, the insulation keeps the inside temperature stable. Two different blinds can be used either to dim the interior or as a fly screen.

Habitation entrance door with triple-point locking

One door, lots of features: the extra-wide habitation entrance door provides effective protection against thieves with its triple-point locking. The large window lets in lots of light. The inside of the door is equipped with handy shelves, a waste bin and a pleated fly screen. The practical waste bin with integrated dustpan and brush set helps you to keep the vehicle clean.

Another notable feature of the Hobby door, which is 40 mm wider than standard doors, is the highly effective splash water seal. The LED entry light casts a pleasant light and illuminates the awning.

Wheel trims and air pressure display

The standard wheel trims in white are optimally designed to match your caravan. The pressure display on the wheel arch guard indicates the required tyre pressure. An integrated rubber clamping lip provides a visually elegant wheel covering solution. (Draught skirt not included)

Bright exterior LED lighting

A multitude of lighting elements, the majority of which are LED, increase the visibility of the caravan. They are harmoniously integrated into the contours of the vehicle, thereby emphasising the distinctly automotive design. The third brake light is a decisive safety advantage.

The bright LED awning light illuminates the doorway and provides pleasant light in the awning.

The picture shows the “Excellent” model range.

Large wall units with soft-close mechanism

The doors with soft-close mechanisms open up wide towards the ceiling, leaving plenty of headroom. Extra-sturdy hinges ensure a strong opening and locking force. You can count on them to keep your belongings in place when in transit.

The picture shows the “Prestige” model range.

Spice rack

Some of the kitchen wall units come with handy spice racks so you can keep salt, pepper and herbs to hand.

The picture shows the “Prestige” model range.

Kitchen drawer in a comfortable size with push lock and soft-close

The extra-large drawers provide space for all kinds of utensils, and can be fully extended for a good overview and easy access. The soft-close mechanism ensures smooth, quiet closure, with secure locking thanks to the push lock system. Reinforced support struts and longer strike plates keep fully loaded drawers firmly in place even while on the move.

The picture shows the “De Luxe” model range.

HOBBYCONNECT – Control the on-board technology via the control panel and Bluetooth using the app

HOBBYCONNECT provides you with access to the most important electronic devices and features of your mobile home from inside the vehicle and nearby. The system is operated via the TFT control panel in the vehicle and using the Bluetooth feature in conjunction with the latest HobbyConnect app. You can easily control the on-board technology using your smartphone or tablet computer. Save your lighting settings, check the battery status and tank levels, or turn on the air conditioning or heating, for example – it couldn’t be easier using the self-explanatory symbols on your mobile device.


  • HOBBYCONNECT is included with all models as standard
  • The Bluetooth control feature is included as standard with HOBBYCONNECT
  • The HobbyConnect app is available free of charge for all Hobby customers on Google Play Store and the App Store

The picture shows the “Excellent” model range.

Practical grab handle

An ergonomically designed handle in the entrance area of almost all Hobby caravans makes it easier for you to climb aboard.

The picture shows the “Ontour” model range.

TV unit with glass cabinet

The TV unit in the entrance area features a stylish glass cabinet with LED ambient lighting.

The picture shows the “De Luxe” model range.

Standard features for

Compact Super Slim Tower refrigerator with freezer compartment

The 150-litre absorption refrigerator is silent and offers you all of the space and cooling power you could ever need. The slightly raised installation saves you bending. Up to seven height-adjustable compartments in the door mean you can now store taller 1.5-litre bottles as well as 1-litre bottles and Tetra Paks.

Storage containers and tinned food can be stowed away within easy reach in the compartment underneath the refrigerator. The refrigerator can be powered by the 230-volt power supply, or by gas or the 12-volt battery when on the road.

The picture shows the “De Luxe” model range.

Central control panel

Lighting, fresh water level, hot water boiler and more: the control panel in the entrance area puts you in complete control of many features. Using the HobbyConnect app on a smartphone or tablet computer makes things even easier to control. The smart app control system comes as standard in all vehicles.

Individual ambient lighting

Bright light for cooking or a romantic glow in the evening: personal light settings can be saved on the control panel. Dimmable light strips above the wall units add that extra touch. All the 12-volt lights feature energy-saving LED technology.

The picture shows the “Excellent Edition” model range.

Optional extras for

TRUMA water heater

The tried-and-tested TRUMA heating unit with a 5-litre capacity uses the warm air from the heater to heat the water. An electric heating element also heats the water, however, when the heating is not turned on.

Interior design overview

Convenience all the way from the bathroom to the kitchen: with the “HobbyKomplett” ALL-INCLUSIVE package, your Hobby is ready to hit the road from day one. Discover the multitude of configuration details!

The availability of the following “HobbyKomplett” ALL-INCLUSIVE package features will depend on the model of vehicle. Please refer to the current price list for details of the exact features.

Living area

A modern ambience to relax in

Overview of seating areas

Children’s seating area

Side seating area

Back seating area

Central seating area

Front seating area

U shaped seating area

C shaped lounge


Spacious wonders, right down to the finest detail

Overview of kitchens

Compact side kitchen

Side kitchen

Corner kitchen

Rear kitchen

Wide side kitchen

Extra-wide side kitchen

Sleeping area

For a comfortable and pleasant night

An overview of sleeping areas

Double bed

Double bed, transverse

Single bed

Queen-size bed

Children's beds

Drop-down bed


Everything you need for personal care

An overview of washrooms

Compact washroom with washbasin and toilet

Compact washroom with washbasin and toilet

Rear washroom with separate shower cubicle

Washroom with separate shower

Washroom with separate shower

Open-plan bathroom design with separate shower cubicle

Compact washroom with integrated shower tray
and external washbasin

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