The entry-level one

Lightness is the name of the game with the Hobby ONTOUR. It contains no unnecessary weight, but does have everything that is important to you. The ONTOUR is always ready for spontaneous trips out into the unknown. Less is more: from just 1,200 kg and 2.20 m in width, the compact Hobby ONTOUR is the perfect caravan even for smaller cars. For maximum comfort, choose the layout most suited to your needs from the five different layouts available.



Your fully equipped hobby.

High expectations? Then you’ve come to the right place! Because with Hobby caravans, modern comforts come as standard. Items you would pay for elsewhere as optional extras are all part of the package at Hobby. On the following pages you’ll find an array of features to make holidays in your Hobby caravan even more enjoyable. The availability of the following “HobbyComplete” ALL-INCLUSIVE package features depends on the model of vehicle. Please refer to the current price list for details of the relevant features.

Optional extras

To suit your needs.

Do you have a specialist hobby or specific equipment requirements? The appropriate optional extras and many individual solutions are available to help you tailor your caravan to your own purposes and holiday needs. The availability and version of the following optional extras depend on the model of vehicle and, where applicable, come as standard for certain model ranges. Please refer to the current price list for details of the relevant features.

Ambient lighting

Bright light for cooking or a romantic glow in the evening: personal light settings can be saved on the control panel. Dimmable light strips above the wall units add that extra touch. All the 12-volt lights feature energy-saving LED technology.

Optional extras for


Turn on the air conditioning or heating when you’re already on your way back from the beach – not a problem! The HobbyConnect on-board control system can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet using the free MyHobby app. The lighting, filling levels and battery charge can also be activated or checked using the app.

The HobbyConnect box can be ordered ex-works or retrofitted. Control all of the functions via WLAN or Bluetooth in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle. When further away, you can connect with the system using a SIM card.

TRUMA electric water heater, 14 litres

The high-power heating element Truma heats the water from 15°C to 70°C. Sustained heat storage also ensures extremely short reheating times, thus saving both energy and money.

Underfloor heating

All Hobby caravans can be supplied with an electric underfloor heating system. The heating foils in the walking area of the floor prevent thermal bridges and cold feet.

Roof-mounted air conditioning unit with heating function

The roof-mounted air conditioning unit Dometic Freshjet has four controllable air flow settings. This quality lightweight system is economical and pleasantly quiet.

City water connection

Standard water connection with garden hose connector for easy filling of the water tank via the local water supply.

External gas socket

External connector for gas-driven appliances, BBQ’s etc.

USB charging socket

This optional double socket can be used to charge two mobile devices at the same time.

Spacious garage

The garage provides space for bulky luggage.

Elegant awning

Protects against sun and rain: the THULE OMNISTOR awnings are perfectly matched to the Hobby caravans.

Rear bicycle rack for 2 bicycles up to 40 kg

The THULE bike carrier is perfectly suited to Hobby caravans. The lockable guide rail prevents the bikes moving during transportation and is manually fixed in place.

a-frame bicycle rack for 2 bicycles or pedelecs up to 60 kg

Bikes can be easily transported on the A-frame carrier, which also ensures an even distribution of weight and is easily folded forwards out of the way to give access to the gas locker.

Spare-wheel holder

Available for many models: the lightweight spare wheel holder. Placing the spare wheel under the caravan creates more storage space in the gas locker, for example.

Electronic stabilisation system

The high-performance sensor monitors the movement of the car and caravan continuously while on the road. The Knott ETS Plus counters any snaking movements instantly and effectively and brakes automatically in case of danger.

Articulated TV bracket

Optionally available for many models: the swivelling TV bracket for watching TV from the seating area or bed. A pull-out bracket for the TV is used in vehicles where there is not enough room to fit the articulated bracket.

Pull-out bed extension

For many caravans with single beds, a pull-out bed extension can be supplied as an option. The additional cushion creates an extra-large sleeping space.

Three-bunk children’s bunk bed

The sleeping area for children is also optionally available with three beds and three windows.

Front window with practical details

More light, more air, more practicality. The sturdy front window has a fully integrated Combi Cassette with pleated blind and fly screen and comes complete with shelves for books and other items.

Optional extras for

Cold-foam mattress

The cold foam mattress with seven different hardness zones offers luxury sleeping comfort.


Removable carpeting

The carpeting lets you recreate the comfort of your living room at home. It consists of multiple elements specially tailored to fit the layout of your caravan, and can be easily removed for cleaning.

Dynamic rear lights

Truly eye-catching: the rear lights with dynamic indicators lend the caravan a sporty appearance.


Home-from-home convenience: the microwave is ideal for heating up food in a hurry.

A Dometic extractor hood

A Dometic extractor hood completes the kitchen fittings and keeps cooking smells in check.


Now you can bake bread on holiday too – or rustle up some homemade pizza for lunch – thanks to the built-in 36-litre oven with light.

Single-post lift table

The steplessly adjustable single-post lift table allows easy access to the seating area and offers extra legroom.

Optional extras for

Hobby CI-BUS on-board management system with TFT control panel

The modern BUS on-board system controls all the equipment and functions connected to the on-board network. The control knob allows you to conveniently navigate between the menus. Displays such as date / time, inside / outside temperature, water tank level and battery charge / discharge can be read on the display panel or settings can be activated directly. Other BUScapable on-board components, such as heating, air conditioning and electric sunroof, can be centrally controlled. The system is standardised, can be updated and is therefore compatible with future appliance generations. Up to 15 appliances can already communicate with the control panel. (Observe manufacturer’s instructions.)

Autonomy package including charge controller with booster, battery, battery sensor and battery case: The intelligent battery sensor IBS supplies all the important data such as charging time, charging current and charging voltage, as well as the remaining running time and discharge current of the GEL or AGM battery in autonomous mode. All values can be read on the TFT operating panel. The battery sensors supply the intelligent charger with the exact charging current and voltage it needs, thereby ensuring battery-conserving charging until it is 100% full. Charging times are reduced by approx. 30% with this system compared to standard chargers.

Standard features for

Optional extras for

Elegant alloy rims

The elegant alloy rims add the finishing touch to the caravan’s appearance and increase the payload.

Standard features for


    390 SF
  • Overall length:5.780 mm
  • Technically permissible gross weight:1.200 kg
  • Total width:2.200 mm
  • Bed spaces for adults:4
    460 DL
  • Overall length:6.605 mm
  • Technically permissible gross weight:1.300 kg
  • Total width:2.200 mm
  • Bed spaces for adults:3
    470 KMF
  • Overall length:6.709 mm
  • Technically permissible gross weight:1.350 kg
  • Total width:2.200 mm
  • Bed spaces for adults:3
  • Bed spaces for children:2
    470 UL
  • Overall length:6.709 mm
  • Technically permissible gross weight:1.350 kg
  • Total width:2.200 mm
  • Bed spaces for adults:3