De Luxe

The world has never found a good definition for the word freedom.

Abraham Lincoln, 16th US President

For us, true freedom is living in a Hobby caravan. What lies behind the façade? A bright, welcoming home wherever you are in the world – and just a car’s length away. So flexible that anything is possible. Breathing space for the modern holidaymaker: the family-friendly DE LUXE comes in 13 versions with five different child bed designs. Because true freedom knows no compromises.






Equipment DE LUXE




High expectations? Then you’ve come to the right place! Because with Hobby caravans, modern comforts come as standard. Items you would pay for elsewhere as optional extras are all part of the package at Hobby. On the following pages you’ll find an array of features to make holidays in your Hobby caravan even more enjoyable.


150-litre compact Super Slim Tower refrigerator

The 38 cm slimline absorption refrigerator developed by Hobby runs silently and has more capacity and power while taking up less space. Thanks to the Super Slim Tower design, the refrigerator door no longer protrudes as far into the room and the contents are kept even more securely in place. Seven height-adjustable compartments in the door mean you can now store taller 1.5-litre bottles as well as 1-litre bottles and Tetra Paks. The large 15-litre freezer compartment is removable.

HobbyKomplett for

Kitchen blind with built-in power sockets

The combi-cassette with blackout blind and insect screen also has a bright LED kitchen light and two handily placed sockets. (depending on model)

Practical hob/sink combination with more work surface

The gas hob and sink are made from robust stainless steel and form a continuous unit for easier cleaning. The generous space between the three burners makes cooking a lot easier too, even with bigger pans. The hob comes with electric ignition, and the split safety glass cover can be used to provide additional workspace if required.

Conveniently sized drawers with soft-close and push lock mechanisms

The extra-large drawers provide space for all kinds of utensils, and can be fully extended for a good overview and easy access. The soft-close mechanism ensures smooth, quiet closure, with secure locking thanks to the push lock system. Reinforced support struts and longer strike plates keep fully loaded drawers firmly in place even while on the move.

Practical cutlery insert

Cutlery drawer with well-planned dividers ensures that cutlery and kitchen utensils will not get mixed up even during the journey.

Hand towel rail

In many kitchens, a pull-out towel rail provides a space for tea towels. (depending on model)

Storage basket units with pull-out drawer

The storage basket units with pull-out drawers can be fully extended so that not a centimetre of space is wasted. (depending on model)

TV unit with glass cabinet

The TV unit in the entrance area features a stylish glass cabinet with LED ambient lighting. A set of Hobby glasses is included as a matter of course! (depending on model)

Rear-ventilated lockers with plenty of storage space and soft-close mechanism

The air vents in the wall units ensure optimal circulation of the rising warmth from the heater. The large gap between the winter vents and the exterior wall prevents damp spots and mildew. The soft-closing doors open up wide towards the ceiling, leaving plenty of headroom. Extra-sturdy hinges ensure a strong opening and locking force. (Soft-close mechanism not included in ONTOUR)

Combi-cassette with pleated blackout blind and insect screen

All side windows are equipped with combi-cassette blinds to protect against sun and insects.

Seating area with ample legroom

The seating areas with slightly offset storage compartments offer optimal legroom. The continuous soft trim means there are no hard edges.

Storage space under seating areas

Each seating area has an easily accessible storage compartment for all your important travel accessories

Steplessly adjustable single-post lift table

The steplessly adjustable single-post lift table allows easy access to the seating area and offers extra legroom. (depending on model)

Illuminated corner shelf

The reflective and illuminated corner panels of the U-shaped seating areas create a special ambience. A practical detail is the three-stage reading light. (depending on model)

Children’s beds with colouring board

During the day, the bottom bunk bed can be folded up to provide a space to play in – with the underside of the bed acting as a wipe-clean board. (depending on model)

Exclusive THETFORD cassette toilet

Spacious toilet at the front: The WC has lots of space to move around in. Opaque side windows guarantee optimal ventilation. (depending on model)

Toilets developed exclusively for Hobby with all-round sealing lip and smooth surface for easy cleaning. (depending on model)


Lets light in and moisture out! Many bathrooms are equipped with full-sized rooflights, e.g. Mini-Heki from DOMETIC SEITZ. (Mini-Heki depending on model)

Generous storage facilities

All care products can be readily accommodated in the under-sink cupboard and mirror cabinets. (depending on model)

Separate shower

Thanks to a separate shower cubicle you can enjoy a proper shower just like at home. (depending on model)

High-quality washbasin fittings

The tap perfectly suits the modern bathroom design.

Practical THETFORD rotating toilet

The cassette toilet can be rotated by 2 x 90 degrees to ensure an optimal use of space. (depending on model)

High-quality designer door handle

The washroom doors are equipped with an ergonomically designed metal door handle. The improved shape helps prevent loose clothing from getting caught on it.

Toothbrush holders included

Two toothbrush holders complete the luxury washroom package. (depending on model)

Bright exterior lighting

Long-lasting and reliable halogen and LED lights ensure that your caravan is always visible. They are harmoniously integrated into the contours of the vehicle, thereby emphasising its distinctly automotive design. The third brake light is a decisive safety advantage. The bright LED awning light illuminates the doorway and provides a pleasant light in the awning.

Jockey wheel with load indicator

The safety jockey wheel with integrated load scale is included as standard in many models. (depending on model)

Streamlined grab handle

In the DE LUXE, EXCELLENT, PRESTIGE, PREMIUM and LANDHAUS, owners and their guests are greeted by an ergonomically shaped grab handle that’s a real eye-catcher with its gleaming chrome and exclusive Hobby logo.

KNOTT overrun brake with automatic adjustment

The KNOTT ANS overrun brake adjusts itself automatically, guaranteeing unrestricted braking performance at all times. A key safety feature, particularly in critical driving conditions.

WINTERHOFF stabiliser hitch

Easy coupling – safe arrival: the WINTERHOFF WS 3000 safety coupling with tracking stabiliser and unrivalled single-lever system is all part of the package with Hobby.

Drawbar with stand-on cover

The drawbar is tailored to the respective chassis for improved driving performance. The drawbar cover forms a visual unit with the towing device.

High-quality vent windows

The double-glazed, tinted outside windows with safety locks are specially moulded, which – together with the thicker material – makes them much more resistant to stresses and deformation (especially heat and cold). Another positive effect is the improved sound insulation, while a new sealing system provides long-lasting protection against the ingress of moisture.

Wheel covers and air pressure display

The standard wheel covers in white are optimally designed to match your caravan. The pressure display on the wheel arch guard indicates the required tyre pressure. An integrated channel rail provides a visually elegant wheel covering solution. (Draught skirt not included)

Nose construction

The well-planned nose design is dominated by a solid corner structure made from moulded PU frame. The sandwich construction with EPS core and the sturdy windowsill in PE foam above the gas locker ensure maximum insulation. PU-foamed corner posts join the nose firmly to the sidewall and have good insulating properties as well as being water-resistant. They provide a secure connection for the ABS mouldings, giving rise to the unique exterior design of Hobby caravans with their streamlined rounded edges. (DE LUXE, DE LUXE EDITION, EXCELLENT, PRESTIGE)

Ultra-sturdy manoeuvring handles

The manoeuvring handles on your Hobby caravan are ergonomically shaped and an integral part of the structure. In the DE LUXE, EXCELLENT, PRESTIGE and PREMIUM models, they are also integrated harmoniously into the exterior design of the vehicle. In the DE LUXE, EXCELLENT and PRESTIGE, the chrome look sets off the vehicle design to perfection.

Awning rail rain deflector

The awning rails on the nose and rear with specially moulded end pieces ensure even better rainwater drainage.

Spacious gas locker

The gas lockers not only hold two 11 kg gas bottles, but also have space for the crank holder, wheel chocks and waste water tank. In the DE LUXE, DE LUXE EDITION, EXCELLENT, PRESTIGE and PREMIUM models, easy access is ensured by solid, vertically opening parallelogram fittings. The plastic floor is rot-proof and easy to clean. The lid on the ONTOUR model is fitted with a gas spring.

Safety gas regulator

The flexible connecting tube with gas regulator and integrated over-pressure valve according to DIN EN 12864 fits all common gas bottles.

Central gas distributor in the kitchen

The gas distributor is easily accessible in the kitchen.

Water and power connections

A standard outdoor socket is provided for connecting the caravan to the power supply. The awning socket with SAT/TV connection allows you to connect 230 volt devices (optional in the DE LUXE and DE LUXE EDITION). The water connection lets you fill the water tank easily with a hose. All outside connectors have pictograms to make their functions clear.

Large fresh water tank

The fresh water tank, which can be filled from the outside, is located in an easily accessible spot in one of the seat chests or bed lockers. A large screw connector allows easy cleaning (pictured here is the 50-litre fresh water tank).

Centrally installed on-board technology

The on-board technology systems – comprising heating, power supply with transformer and ground fault circuit breaker, two power sockets and antenna connection – are readily accessible inside the spacious wardrobe. (Example)

Passenger vehicle connector

The standard 13-pole passenger vehicle connector from Jaeger not only supplies the brake and rear lights with power, but also allows all the caravan’s 12V consumers to run off the car battery.

LED wardrobe lighting

The inside light in the wardrobe is automatically switched on when the door is opened and provides bright light for an optimal overview. It can also be removed for use as a torch.

Touch-control light switches

The separate light switches now come with a touch-control mechanism for easier operation.

TRUMA boiler

The tried-and-tested 5-litre TRUMA boiler uses the warmth from the heater to heat the water. It also has an electric heating element which comes into play when the heating is turned off.

Light control system with basic control panel

The light control system with CI-BUS technology is located in the entrance area of all Hobby caravans. It controls nearly all the lighting units, displays the fresh water level and regulates the hot water heating unit and optionally available underfloor heating. (Example model)

Children’s light switches

Easily reached by little campers: the light switch at child-friendly level.

TRUMA heater S 3004 / S 5004

The powerful fan with booster function on the standard TRUMA heater is a quick, effective and eco-friendly way of warming up the caravan. (depending on model)

TRUMA combination hot air heating system with hot water boiler

The hot air pipes in the TRUMA Combi heating system ensure an optimal distribution of heated air throughout the vehicle for a cosy temperature. It is controlled via the Hobby TFT control panel and also via the digital CP PLUS TRUMA control panel in the sleeping area.

Standard features for

Kitchen organiser rack

The practical organiser rack keeps your kitchen tidy – and your kitchen utensils to hand. (depending on model)

Models DE LUXE

  • De Luxe
    400 SFe
  • Overall length:5.972 mm
  • Technically permissible gross weight:1.300 kg
  • Total width:2.300 mm
  • Bed spaces for adults:3
  • De Luxe
    440 SF
  • Overall length:6.138 mm
  • Technically permissible gross weight:1.300 kg
  • Total width:2.300 mm
  • Bed spaces for adults:4
  • De Luxe
    455 UF
  • Overall length:6.477 mm
  • Technically permissible gross weight:1.350 kg
  • Total width:2.300 mm
  • Bed spaces for adults:4
  • De Luxe
    460 UFe
  • Overall length:6.627 mm
  • Technically permissible gross weight:1.350 kg
  • Total width:2.300 mm
  • Bed spaces for adults:4
De Luxe 460 LU
De Luxe 460 LU
  • De Luxe
    460 LU
  • Overall length:6.749 mm
  • Technically permissible gross weight:1.350 kg
  • Total width:2.300 mm
  • Bed spaces for adults:4
  • De Luxe
    490 KMF
  • Overall length:6.886 mm
  • Technically permissible gross weight:1.400 kg
  • Total width:2.300 mm
  • Bed spaces for adults:3
  • Bed spaces for children:2
  • De Luxe
    495 UL
  • Overall length:7.125 mm
  • Technically permissible gross weight:1.500 kg
  • Total width:2.300 mm
  • Bed spaces for adults:4
  • De Luxe
    495 WFB
  • Overall length:7.125 mm
  • Technically permissible gross weight:1.500 kg
  • Total width:2.300 mm
  • Bed spaces for adults:4
  • De Luxe
    540 UL
  • Overall length:7.291 mm
  • Technically permissible gross weight:1.500 kg
  • Total width:2.300 mm
  • Bed spaces for adults:4
  • De Luxe
    540 KMFe
  • Overall length:7.443 mm
  • Technically permissible gross weight:1.600 kg
  • Total width:2.300 mm
  • Bed spaces for adults:3
  • Bed spaces for children:2
  • De Luxe
    545 KMF
  • Overall length:7.423 mm
  • Technically permissible gross weight:1.600 kg
  • Total width:2.500 mm
  • Bed spaces for adults:3
  • Bed spaces for children:2
  • De Luxe
    560 KMFe
  • Overall length:7.511 mm
  • Technically permissible gross weight:1.700 kg
  • Total width:2.500 mm
  • Bed spaces for adults:4
  • Bed spaces for children:2
  • De Luxe
    650 KMFe
  • Overall length:8.323 mm
  • Technically permissible gross weight:1.900 kg
  • Total width:2.500 mm
  • Bed spaces for adults:4
  • Bed spaces for children:2