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Hobby – a strong brand

Quality made in Germany

"For Hobby, “Made in Germany” means built to the highest quality standards and with the utmost care at our long-standing home in Fockbek, Schleswig-Holstein.

We employ over 1,100 members of staff at our factory. Over 15,000 vehicles are produced each year in one of the caravan and motorhome industry’s largest production sites in Europe.

State-of-the-art machinery and technology guarantee maximum efficiency and the utmost precision. At the same time, numerous details require craftsmanship and finesse, resulting in vehicles that make the perfect travelling companions, wherever you go. Reliable, dependable and timeless. Hobby. Built for Life."


Caravans and motorhomes; all-inclusive strategy = comprehensive standard equipment packages that are ready to hit the road and represent exceptional value for money; positioned in the mid-price range with a particular focus on affordable quality; series manufacturer.





ModelsModel ranges
  • from caravans with a body length of 3.60 m or over to large tandem-axle vehicles with a body length of up to 7.90 m
  • particular focus on family layouts (14 models with children’s beds and various equipment packages)




ModelsModel ranges
  • Vans
  • Semi-integrated vehicles in the entry-level and mid-range segments
  • Overcab models


A medium-sized, family-run enterprise with over 50 years of experience in the leisure vehicle industry
Production takes place exclusively in Germany at the site in Fockbek (near Rendsburg) in Schleswig-Holstein
Founded in 1967 by the engineer Harald Striewski
Managing Directors: Holger Schulz and Bernd Löher


2020 season

In total: approx. €300 million, comprising:

  • Caravans: approx. €190 million
  • Motorhomes: approx. €110 million


Production capacity

Caravan production

between approx. 10,500 and 13,500 caravans per season

Motorhome production

between 2,500 and 3,500 mobile homes per season



  • Schleswig-Holstein (Fockbek near Rendsburg)
  • Up to four assembly lines, flexible according to the demand for caravans and/or motorhomes, modern prefabrication area, high degree of vertical integration, in-house carpentry workshops, upholstery production including sewing room, PU production and large training workshop
  • Annual seven-figure investments in machinery, systems and buildings.
  • Company premises: 260,000 m², 65,000 m² of which has been built upon


Hobby employs over 1,100 members of staff at the site in Fockbek near Rendsburg.

An in-house training workshop for woodworkers with 30 spaces for trainees ensures that Hobby always has plenty of young talent waiting in the wings. The north German company also trains highly motivated new recruits in its Commercial Division every year.

Hobby is one of the most important employers in Schleswig-Holstein. Step by step, our employees design and produce all of the vehicles at the site in Fockbek with great attention to detail.

Sales and exports


  • More than 350 dealers across Europe
  • Represented in all European countries by importers or agents
  • Sales agencies in Chile, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and China

Worldwide exports

Share of exports:

  • approx. 40 percent for caravans
  • approx. 40 percent for motorhomes


A rich history

For more than 55 years, Hobby has been synonymous with innovative solutions and clever design. But how did the success story begin? Let’s find out together!

One man and his work

Escape, love, courage: The life story of Hobby company founder Harald Striewski is like something out of a novel. Find out how the happy ending came to be here.