A strong brand

It all started with a groundbreaking idea. Today, Hobby is renowned as a pioneer of modern caravans and motorhomes. For 50 years, we have sought to make mobile travel easier, more comfortable and more relaxing.

Our recipe for success is based on four ingredients: trendsetting inventions, innovative technology, modern design and genuine passion. These key foundations have made us the global number one in caravan construction.

Each new generation of Hobby caravans is notable for its superb standard equipment, spacious design, quality and functionality. It’s really no wonder that Hobby Caravans are as popular as they are.

Motorhome factory

Facts and figures

Hobby employs nearly 1,000 employees at its Fockbek caravan factory near Rendsburg in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Top-quality vehicles are created using state-of-the-art equipment at this factory, one of the largest caravan and motorhome production sites in Europe. DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certification for our quality management also attests to the high quality of our products.

10,400 caravans and 1,100 motorhomes left this factory in 2013, generating an annual turnover of 194 million euros. With a market share of 23,6% in Germany and 24% in Europe, Hobby has an excellent position in the sector.

We have even held the world’s top position in caravan production since 2003. 55% of our caravans are exported; for motorhomes, this figure stands at 52%.

Sales take place through approx. 350 authorised dealers and specific agents or importers in all major European markets. In addition to the Hobby Wohnwagenwerk, the Group also comprises:

  • Fendt-Caravan GmbH in Mertingen (Bavaria, Germany)
  • Rendsburger Feuerverzinkerei in Rendsburg, Germany
  • Formlight GmbH, Warburg (NRW, Germany)

Hobby Scandinavia