Your fully equipped Hobby.

One price – Everything included

Don’t want to choose between comfort and budget? Then you’ve come to the right place! Because all Hobby vehicles come with the “Hobby Complete” ALL-INCLUSIVE package as standard.

While you’ll need to buy expensive additional packs from other manufacturers, everything is included with Hobby! Hobby vehicles come equipped with all the amenities that will make your holidays truly carefree.

Always included:

Driver and passenger seats with armrests (captain’s chair)

The ergonomically adjustable seats relieve the strain on your back on long journeys. Armrests on both sides and firm padding take the stress out of travelling. When you arrive at your destination, the chairs can be rotated by 180° in a matter of seconds, transforming the cab into a cosy seating area.

Blackout system for front and side cab windows

The blackout system for the cab is easy to mount using magnetic clips. It provides protection against direct sunlight and undesired glances into the vehicle, while also functioning as heat insulation.

Insulated garages

The large garages are heated and insulated throughout. The garage doors have a large opening angle, making it easy to store bicycles and items of luggage. The garage door on the driver’s side allows easy loading from both sides.

Wardrobe with interior light

An instant overview: the LED lighting in all the wardrobes ensures you can see everything at a glance.

Drawer in the entrance area

Keeping your mobile home clean and tidy: the drawer in the entrance area is perfect for outdoor footwear, a dustpan or other items that you need to quickly get your hands on from inside or outside.

Standard features for

Easy-access linen cupboards

Sturdy steps provide ease of access to the linen cupboards above the beds.

Coat hooks in entrance area

Jackets, scarves and hats can be stored right next to the entrance door. The grab handle helps you to get into the vehicle safely and easily.

Extendable washing line

This practical aid for hanging damp clothing or towels can be rigged up in an instant.

Protective GRP roofs and floors

The roofs and floors of our motorhomes are GRP-coated and protect your mobile home from external influences.

Floor with XPS heat insulation

The underfloor consists of weatherproof XPS heat insulation with a GRP underfloor coating and ensures outstanding insulation values.

Handy gas bottle pull-out shelf

The spacious gas locker provides plenty of room for two gas bottles. The pull-out shelf makes it easy to change the bottle when empty.

Extra-wide entrance door with window, two-point locking, storage shelves and waste bin

The door is fitted with sturdy hinges. The window with integrated pleated blind offers a clear view or privacy as required. The compartments provide space for small items. The practical waste bin with an integrated dustpan and brush set helps you keep the vehicle clean.

Standard features for

Insulated, heated waste water tank

The waste water tank on all Hobby motorhomes is installed under the floor and housed in a shatter-proof and heated insulation box. The slide valve for the used water is located in the heated part of the waste water tank.

HOBBYCONNECT Controls for on-board technology via TFT control panel and bluetooth using app

HOBBYCONNECT provides you with access to the most important electronic devices and features of your mobile home from inside the vehicle and nearby. The system is operated via the TFT control panel in the vehicle and using the Bluetooth feature in conjunction with the latest HobbyConnect app. You can easily control the on-board technology using your smartphone or tablet computer. Save your lighting settings, check the battery status and tank levels, or turn on the air conditioning or heating, for example – it couldn’t be easier using the self-explanatory symbols on your mobile device.


  • HOBBYCONNECT is included with many models as standard
  • The Bluetooth control feature is included free of charge with HOBBYCONNECT
  • The HOBBYCONNECT app is available free of charge for all Hobby customers on Google Play Store and the App Store

Standard features for

Navigation system with DAB+, pitch database and reversing camera

Besides functioning as a CD/DVD player, navigation system including pitch-finder app and display for the reversing camera, the AV tuner is used for wireless phone calls via Bluetooth and as a central media player.

Ambient lighting, design dependent on model

Standard features for

AGM habitation battery, 12∘V / 95∘Ah

The IBS intelligent battery sensor supplies all the key data relating to the starter and body battery. All values can be read off from the TFT control panel. The battery sensor supplies the intelligent charger with the exact charging current and voltage it needs, thereby ensuring a 100-percent charge. With this system, charging times are reduced by approx. 30% by comparison with conventional chargers.

Power sockets in garage, 12∘V / 230∘V

Standard features for

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As a couple or family, sporty or elegant: discover the 2021 Hobby model ranges to find the perfect companion for your travels!

Equipment package configurations

Convenience all the way from the bathroom to the kitchen: with the “HobbyKomplett” ALL-INCLUSIVE package, your Hobby is ready to hit the road from day one. Discover the multitude of configuration details!

The availability of the following “HobbyKomplett” ALL-INCLUSIVE package features will depend on the model of vehicle. Please refer to the current price list for details of the exact features.

Overview of seating areas

Central seating area

L-shaped seating area

Overview of kitchens

Large side kitchen

Corner kitchen

Overview of sleeping areas

French bed

Single beds

Alcove bed

Queen-size bed

Children's beds

Drop-down bed

Overview of washroom

Rear washroom

Compact washroom

Open-plan bathroom design with separate shower cubicle

Washroom with separate shower

Furniture finish and upholstery combinations

Furniture finishCocobolo / Piquet grey
Upholstery combinationTaiga
RangeOptima Ontour Edition
Furniture finishCocobolo / Piquet grey
Upholstery combinationArras
RangeOptima Ontour, Optima Ontour Alkoven
Furniture finishOlmo Pavarotti / Uni Beige matt
Upholstery combinationPatch
RangeOptima De Luxe

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