Your fully equipped hobby.

Simply climb aboard and away you go! Nothing could be easier with a Hobby motorhome, as all models come fully equipped with the high-quality “HobbyComplete” ALL-INCLUSIVE package as standard. That way you can enjoy a carefree holiday with homefrom- home comfort in your motorhome – with no need for costly extras or special accessory packages.

Thanks to the comprehensive ALL-INCLUSIVE package, your Hobby motorhome is ready to hit the road at a moment’s notice. A travel partner that caters to your every wish! The availability of the following “HobbyComplete” ALL-INCLUSIVE package features depends on the model of vehicle. Please refer to the current price list for details of the relevant features for individual models.

Living area and Storage space

Storage space overview

Insulated garages with large capacity
Large storage space under single and double beds

Storage space under the bed

There is an easily accessible cupboard underneath the bed, which has ample room for all the things you like to take with you on your travels.

Standard features for

Driver and passenger seats with armrests (captain’s chair)

The ergonomically adjustable seats relieve the strain on your back on long journeys. Armrests on both sides and firm padding take the stress out of travelling. When you arrive at your destination, the chairs can be rotated by 180° in a matter of seconds, transforming the cab into a cosy seating area. Both seats are covered in the same upholstery as the vehicle’s living area as standard and blend in perfectly. (Image shows OPTIMA PREMIUM)

Swivel table extension

The table can be extended by an additional table top in just one hand movement.

Numerous power sockets

Is your mobile battery dead? No problem. A number of easily accessible power sockets can be found on board. (Dual USB charging socket optional)

Large storage space under single and double beds

The large storage spaces provide ample room for bulky luggage and are easy to load. Inside the vehicle, powerful bed lifts with a large opening angle provide easy access.

Shelf in cab

The all-round shelf gives direct access to everything that drivers and passengers need to quickly get their hands on.

Large wardrobe

Perfectly organised. The spacious wardrobe has enough room for both long and short clothes, as well as folded items of clothing.

Wardrobe with interior light

The LED lighting is included in all wardrobes for an instant overview. The pull-out clothes rail makes it easier to hang up your clothes in the wardrobe under the bed.

Shoe drawer in entrance area

Keep your mobile home tidy by taking off your shoes in the entrance and putting them in the drawer.

Standard features for

Storage made easy

Thanks to the split mattress on the longitudinal beds, storing items in the compartment under the bed couldn’t be any easier: simply lift up the bottom end and store your luggage in the spacious compartments.

Sturdy bed lift

The bed including the slatted frame and mattress is held up by the strong hinge with pneumatic gas spring. This enables items to be stored in the large compartment under the bed with ease.

Coat hooks in entrance area

Prevents clutter: jackets, scarves and hats can be stored right next to the entrance door. The grab handle helps you to get into the vehicle safely and easily. (Image shows OPTIMA PREMIUM)

Wall units with plenty of storage space

A complete overview at all times: the doors of the wall units can be opened up wide, providing you with a good overview. Robust hinges hold the doors in place, while a sturdy lock keeps your belongings secure when in transit. Many models have steps for easier access to the cupboards at the rear. (Image shows OPTIMA DE LUXE)

Reading light

The lights in the seating areas and by the beds can be individually adjusted and are ideal for reading.

Plenty of headroom

Comfort at all levels: thanks to an above average interior headroom of 2.05 metres, even tall people will find ample room.

Blackout system in the cab

The proven pleated blind system REMIS for the front and side windows keeps out prying eyes and sunlight. (Image shows OPTIMA ONTOUR EDITION)

Optional extras for

Blackout system for front and side cab windows

The blackout system for the cab is easy to mount using magnetic clips. It provides protection against direct sunlight and undesired glances into the vehicle, while also functioning as heat insulation.

Standard features for

Perfect living area design, down to the last detail

The LED ambient lighting typical of Hobby lends your motorhome a cosy, welcoming atmosphere. All windows are fitted with pleated blinds and fly screens. The numerous cabinets provide plenty of storage space for clothes and linen.

Standard features for

Insulated garages with large capacity

The well insulated heated rear garage also has a door on the driver’s side, allowing easy loading from both sides. Luggage can be secured with lashing rails and eyelets. The garage also has a 12 V/230 V power socket for operating electrical appliances. On virtually all Optima models, the gas bottles can be easily exchanged by means of a pull-out shelf. (Image for illustration purposes only)

Seating area power socket

A 230 volt power socket is provided in an easily accessible spot in the seating area.

Swan neck lamps

The flexible swan neck lamps in the seating areas and by the beds are ideal for reading thanks to their directable light source.

Standard features for


Kitchen overview

Large side kitchen
Corner kitchen

Perfect kitchen design

Home-from-home cooking convenience: with the 91 cm-high worktop, modern fittings and the stainless steel sink with chopping board cover, the kitchen is a cook’s dream. Thanks to the generous work surface, there’s nothing to stop you from preparingmore elaborate dishes either, and the smooth surfaces are a doddle to clean afterwards.

Hand towel rail

In many kitchens, a pull-out towel rail provides a space for tea towels.

Standard features for

Perfectly illuminated kitchens

Just as light as you want it to be in the kitchen: The stylishly integrated lighting strip features bright and energy-saving LED lights. In addition, LED spotlights provide the kitchen with superb general lighting. (Image shows OPTIMA PREMIUM)

Space-saving corner base cabinet

The corner base cabinet is particularly spacious and provides additional storage space. (Image shows OPTIMA PREMIUM)

Practical cutlery insert

Cutlery drawer with well-planned dividers ensures that cutlery and kitchen utensils will not get mixed up even during the journey. (Image shows OPTIMA ONTOUR)

Conveniently-sized kitchen drawers

The large, fully extendable drawers ensure a clear overview and easy access. The soft-close mechanism ensures smooth, quiet closure, and sturdy locks prevent accidental opening while in transit. (Image shoes OPTIMA PREMIUM)

Kitchen wall unit with plenty of storage space

The spacious design of the kitchen wall unit with its securely locking handles provides an impressive amount of storage space. The unit safely stores dishes, glasses or supplies and, depending on the model, additionally features a tambour door or a convenient spice rack. (Image shows OPTIMA ONTOUR EDITION)

Hob with automatic ignition

Up to three dishes can be cooked at the same time on the stainless steel hob – even in larger pans – thanks to a clever division of space. The safety pilot stops the gas flow when the flame goes out, while the glass cover serves as an additional work surface. (Image shows OPTIMA DE LUXE)

Functional kitchen splashback

The fully integrated kitchen blind with pleated blind and fly screen is a beautiful, all-in-one unit. All kitchens also feature two handily placed power sockets. (Image shows OPTIMA DE LUXE)

Compact refrigerators with a freezer compartment

The absorption refrigerators are silent and offer you all the space and cooling power you could ever need. The slightly raised installation saves you bending. Up to seven height-adjustable compartments in the door mean you can now store taller 1.5-litre bottles as well as 1-litre bottles and Tetra Paks. Storage containers and tinned food can be stowed away within easy reach in the compartment underneath the refrigerator. The refrigerators can be powered by the 230-volt power supply, or by gas or the 12-volt battery when on the road. (Image shows OPTIMA ONTOUR)

Large side kitchen

From the large refrigerator with a freezer compartment to the stainless steel hob with automatic ignition, to the extra large, fully extendable drawers, there’s nothing else you could wish for in the kitchen. (Image shows OPTIMA DE LUXE)

Practical corner kitchen

The functional kitchen counter behind the seatbelt anchor and the easily accessible, large refrigerator with a freezer compartment make cooking even more fun. Further comfort features include the modern kitchen fittings, stainless steel sink with chopping board cover and 91 cm-high worktop. The smooth kitchen surfaces are a doddle to clean.

Modern kitchen design with ample storage space

The stainless steel hob gives you home-fromhome cooking convenience. The Slim Tower refrigerator offers bags of chilling space. The slimline refrigerator specially developed for Hobby boasts a capacity of 140 litres. Thanks to the generously planned storage space, housing all of your provisions and cookware is no problem.

Worktop extension

The compact kitchen is the perfect example of the OPTIMA ONTOUR’s intelligent use of space. Extra work surface is provided by the worktop extension that can be folded upwards.

Standard features for

Sleeping area

Bed overview

Single beds
Double bed
Drop-down bed
Island bed

Individual sleeping comfort

Tailor-made for you: combined with the slatted frame GOODSIDE®, the premium cold foam mattress moulds itself perfectly to the shape of your body. The system is supplied with fibreglass slats in three different firmness levels. What’s more, they can be easily swapped to suit your personal preferences.

Variable drop-down bed

The drop-down bed can be raised and lowered in a straight line without obstructing the entrance door. Thanks to a smooth cable-operated system, the drop-down bed can be adjusted steplessly and fixed in any position. (Image shows OPTIMA PREMIUM)

Optimal ventilation

The standard Mini-Heki rooflight and up to two vent windows ensure that the sleeping area is supplied with fresh air.

Central light switch in the sleeping area

Every Hobby motorhome is fitted as standard with a handy touch switch for the interior lighting.

Plenty of headroom

The sleeping area boasts an above-average amount of headroom above the beds so you can sit up comfortably.

Heating control

The digital CP PLUS control panel by TRUMA with timer function, individual night set-back and temperature sensor allows the heating to be controlled from the sleeping area as well. (Example)

Optional extras for

Bed head shelving

The bed head panel makes for a cosy interior. Featuring a central light switch and easily accessible shelving, it’s an ideal place for keeping books, reading glasses and other items. (Image shows OPTIMA DE LUXE)

Standard features for

Children's beds

New adventures await little campers who sleep in the 2-tier bunk bed. The comfy cold foam mattresses ensure a restful night’s sleep. The sturdy guard is a reliable safety feature for little dreamers.

Standard features for

Bed extension

The single beds can quickly be made into an extra-large sleeping space using an additional cushion. The ladder system makes it easier to get into bed.

Standard features for

Easy-access linen cupboards

Sturdy steps provide ease of access to the linen cupboards above the beds.


Washroom overview

Rear washroom
Compact washroom
Compact washroom
Open-plan washroom design with separate shower cubicle
Washroom with separate shower

Extendable washing line

This practical aid for hanging damp clothing or towels can be rigged up in an instant.

Toothbrush holder inclusive

Two toothbrush holders complete the comfortable equipment in the washrooms.

Practical THETFORD rotating toilet

The rotating cassette toilet ensures optimal use of space. It features a powerful, quiet flush system. An intelligent display notifies you when the tank has to be emptied.

Optimal ventilation

Lets light in and moisture out! All bathrooms are equipped with full-sized Mini-Heki rooflights DOMETIC SEITZ.

Generous storage facilities

All care products can be readily accommodated in the under-sink cupboard and mirror cabinets. (Image shows OPTIMA ONTOUR)


LED lighting

The LED spotlights provide a pleasant light in the bathroom.

Functional shower column

All bathrooms are equipped with a stylish designer shower column. It has shelves for securely storing your shampoo and shower gel within easy reach.

Versatile washrooms

All washrooms have a rooflight and an integrated or separate shower cubicle with a stylish designer shower column. Both attractive and practical, it boasts handy shelves and fine-jet shower fittings. The large mirror cabinets offer plenty of storage
space. The extendable washing line in the washrooms is a particularly clever solution. The rotating toilet Thetford features a quiet flush. (Image shows OPTIMA DE LUXE)

On-board controls

Insulated, heated waste water tank

The waste water tank on all Hobby motorhomes is installed under the floor and housed in a shatter-proof and heated insulation box. The slide valve for the used water is located in the heated part of the waste water tank so that frost doesn’t get a look-in.

Hot air heating system TRUMA-Combi 6 with hot water boiler

The hot air pipes of the heating system TRUMA Combi 6 ensure an optimal distribution of heated air throughout the vehicle for a cosy temperature.

Satellite system

The fully automatic satellite system CAP 650 from Kathrein includes a rotating flat antenna with a large range. Measuring just 21 centimetres high, it has excellent aerodynamic qualities. The antenna comes with a twin LNB, which means that two receivers can be integrated in the system and automatically align with the right satellite for the selected channel.

Standard features for

22" LED flat screen

The 22" LED flat screen is great for chilling out after an eventful day’s holidaymaking. Together with the satellite system and TV pull-out shelf, you have everything you need for a cosy night’s viewing. (OPTIMA ONTOUR EDITION)

Standard features for

Navigation system with DAB+, pitch database and reversing camera

Never get lost again: the navigation system with reversing camera and pitch database will never fail to guide you safely to your destination. The integrated CD/DVD player will keep you entertained on board. DAB+ reception and two extra loudspeakers in the living area make sure the sound is perfect, wherever you might be.

Optional extras for

Entry light

The entry light ensures excellent visibility when entering or leaving the van.

TFT control panel

The TFT control panel allows convenient and intuitive navigation between menus and provides you with valuable additional information about the electronic systems on board. Other CI-BUS-capable components can be easily added. The system is standardised and updateable, thus ensuring compatibility with next-generation devices. (See manufacturer’s instructions)

Standard features for

Latest battery management

The IBS intelligent battery sensor supplies all the key data relating to the starter and body battery. All values can be read off from the TFT control panel. The battery sensor supplies the intelligent charger with the exact charging current and voltage it needs, thereby ensuring a 100-percent charge. With this system, charging times are reduced by approx. 30% by comparison with conventional chargers.

Standard features for

Fuse box under drivers seat

Changing a fuse is a doddle thanks to the readily accessible distribution box under the drivers seat. The removable socket wrench serves as a battery master switch and can be used to interrupt the 12V circuit at any time to prevent the battery from discharging completely during longer idle periods, e.g. in winter.

On-board control system

The light control system with CI-BUS technology is located in the entrance area. It controls almost all of the lighting units, displays the fill levels for the fresh and waste water tanks, as well as the charge levels for the on-board and vehicle batteries, amongst other things.

Ambient lighting

Numerous lighting elements in energy-saving LED technology create a unique atmosphere. The new LED light strips on the cupboards provide that extra something. All 12V lights come exclusively with energy-saving LED technology.

Standard features for

Central gas distributor in the kitchen

The gas distributor is easily accessible in the kitchen.


Thermo-function floor HOBBYTherm®

The 65 mm thick sandwich construction of the patented HOBBYTherm® floor is based on a form of highstrength XPS heat insulation. The material is particularly damp-resistant and rot-proof. The internal hot air pipes also serve as indirect underfloor heating.

Standard features for

Elegant awning

Sun and rain protection: the awnings THULE OMNISTOR are tailored to the specific vehicle length.

Optional extras for

Alloy rims

Every OPTIMA ONTOUR EDITION is fitted with alloy rims as standard. Every OPTIMA ONTOUR is also available with original Citroen alloy rims – an eye-catching feature that enhances the exterior design.

Standard features for

Optional extras for

Durable GRP roofs and floors

The GRP roof dampens rain noise and provides much improved hail protection by comparison with conventional aluminium roofs, thus saving you money on insurance premiums. All models are fitted with a GRP underfloor as standard.

Insulated rooflights

All models are fitted with at least two rooflights DOMETIC SEITZ as standard. They ensure excellent insulation, optimal ventilation and a cosy atmosphere.

Hinged roof vent in cab

The hinged, double-glazed and tinted roof vent gives the interior a light and airy feel and pro vides extra fresh air. On sunny days, a handy pleated blind and fly screen prevents it from getting too hot inside, whilst also keeping insects at bay.

Floor with XPS heat insulation

The entire underfloor consists of moisture-resistant XPS heat insulation with a GRP underfloor coating. The supply and waste pipes in the double floor of the seating area also serve as indirect underfloor heating.

High-quality vent windows

The double-glazed, tinted vent windows with safety locks are specially moulded, which – together with the thicker material – makes them much more resistant to stresses and deformation (especially heat and cold). Another positive effect is the improved sound insulation, while a new sealing system provides long-lasting protection against the ingress of moisture.

Sturdy tie down rails

Adjustable tie down eyelets, in which support straps can be fastened, ensure that loads are safely secured.


Floor mat in the cab

The easy-care floor mat in the driver’s cabin keeps your motorhome tidy. The durable design with a reinforced heel area and Hobby logo is custom-tailored to fit the vehicle. (Image shows OPTIMA DE LUXE)

Optional extras for

Extendable entry step and sturdy side skirts

The electrically extendable entry step allows easier access to and from the vehicle. The skirt rail is made of aluminium, making it particularly hardwearing and impact-resistant.

Rear lights with dynamic indicator

Truly eye-catching: the rear lights with dynamic indicators lend the motorhome a sporty appearance.

Standard features for

LED daytime running light

Safe, economical, attractive: the LED daytime running light scores highly right across the board.

Standard features for

More room thanks to lowered rear

The lowered rear of the low-frame chassis ensures maximum garage dimensions. Frost protection is ensured by XPS floor insulation. The garage doors are fitted with gas springs, which keep the door securely in place when open.

Handy gas bottle pull-out shelf

The spacious gas locker provides plenty of room for two gas bottles. The pull-out shelf makes it easy to change the bottle when empty.

Easily accessible frost monitor valve

If there is a risk of frost, the currentless safety drain valve empties the boiler automatically. This prevents the drain pipe from freezing and safeguards the water supply.

Rear-ventilated units with plenty of storage space

Optimal circulation of the rising radiator heat: ventilation slits in the cupboards and a large enough gap between winter ventilation and the exterior wall prevent damp spots and mildew.

Easy-to-access fresh water tank

The fresh water tank is frost-protected and installed securely in the bench seat. This allows good access to the fresh water drain tap and easy cleaning of the tank.

Combination-cassette with sun and insect protection

All side windows are equipped with combi-cassette pleated blinds to protect against sun and insects.

Extra-wide entrance door with window, two-point locking, storage shelves and waste bin

The door is fitted with sturdy hinges. The window with integrated pleated blind offers a clear view or privacy as required. The compartments provide space for small items. The practical waste bin with an integrated dustpan and brush set helps you keep the vehicle clean.

Standard features for

Pleated fly screen for the habitation entrance door

The pleated fly screen integrated in the entrance door frame keeps midges and other insects at bay.

Standard features for

Sturdy safety locks

The flat-style storage compartment locks pro vide added security.

Extra-wide entrance door with safety locks

The door is fitted with sturdy hinges and a robust security lock. The practical waste bin with an integrated dustpan and brush set helps you keep the vehicle clean. (Image shows OPTIMA ONTOUR)

Combi Cassette with pleated blind and fly screen

All side windows are equipped with combi cassette blinds to protect against sun and insects.

Standard features for

Security lock


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