Your fully equipped Hobby.

Living area and Storage space

Comfortable seating unit

The ergonomically adjustable driver’s seat relieves the strain on your back during long journeys. Armrests on both sides and firm padding take the stress out of travelling. When you arrive at your destination, the chairs can be rotated by 180° in a matter of seconds. This transforms your cab into a cosy seating area for up to four people. The large table can be extended with ease via a fold-out table top and offers lots of legroom.

Carpet in the habitation area

The removable and easy-clean shag-pile carpet makes for a cosy interior and is tailored exactly to each layout.

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LED swan neck lamp

The exclusive reading light provides bright light with minimal electricity consumption. It can be directed at specific areas, helping you to read a book or study the route for the next day.

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Intelligent partitioning of the rear section

Lots of space for holiday and sports equipment is provided in the storage area at the rear. Kite equipment? Mountain bike? No problem: the optional lashing lugs make sure that everything stays in its place.

Flexible slatted frame

If the bed is moved to the side, the Vantana is also capable of storing large-size sports equipment. Fastening straps will keep everything in place during the journey. (Pictured
here is the K60 FT)

Rear-ventilated cupboards with plenty of storage space

Keep tabs on everything: The doors of the wall units can be opened up wide to allow you to keep tabs on what’s inside. Robust hinges hold the doors in place, while a sturdy lock keeps your belongings secure when in transit. The LED strip lights on the wall units provide an extra-special touch (De Luxe and Premium). Air vents in the wall units in conjunction with the body insulation prevent damp spots and mildew.

Compartment in the floor area

No space is left unused. A compartment in the floor pedestal ensures everything is stored in the correct spot.

Mesh pocket in entrance area

Practical and easy to access: the mesh pocket in the kitchen is the ideal place for stowing your holiday reading quickly and easily.

Sturdy fastenings

Sturdy tie down eyelets, in which support straps can be fastened, ensure that loads are safely secured.

Storage space in the cab roof

Practical and secure: the large compartment provides additional storage space. (Image shows Vantana Premium model)

Combination-cassette with sun and insect protection

All side windows are equipped with combicassette pleated blinds to protect against sun and insects.


Practical 70l refrigerator

The compact refrigerator has an LED inside light and the interior can be divided up however you like. The additional compartment underneath the refrigerator provides space for all kinds of utensils and can be accessed quickly from outside.

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Large 90-litre refrigerator

Especially convenient – thanks to its double hinge, the large refrigerator can be opened towards either side. If you are sitting outside, you no longer need to get inside to take something from the fridge.

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LED lighting and power sockets in the kitchen

A continuous LED lighting strip above the cooker and sink ensures optimal illumination of the work surface. Another detail: the two 230 volt power sockets in the kitchen.

Practical hob/sink combination with more work surface

The gas hob and sink are made from robust stainless steel and form a continuous unit for easier cleaning. The generous space between the two burners makes preparing meals a lot easier too, even with bigger pans. The hob comes with electric ignition, and the split safety glass cover can be used to provide additional workspace if required.

SlimLine refrigerator*

The new SlimLine refrigerator developed and patented by Hobby is discreetly hidden away behind the furniture finish and creates a completely new sense of space. Inside, the compressor refrigerator is divided up in an entirely ingenious way: there are spacious cooling compartments on the left and right, and there is room for a pull-out beverage compartment in the middle between the two doors. Conventional 1.0-litre drink bottles can be placed in here with ease. The quiet refrigerator features a night set-back and boost function and can be controlled using the TFT control panel and the “MyHobby” app. (Premium)

* Technical specifications for Hobby SlimLine refrigerator in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No 517/2017: tC02 eq=0.058t / GWP = 1430 / contains greenhouse gases / refrigerant R 134a

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Generous work surface

The compact kitchen is an example of the Vantana’s intelligent use of space and provides you with plenty of room to prepare delicious meals.

Conveniently-sized kitchen drawers

The large, fully extendable drawers ensure a clear overview and easy access, and sturdy locks prevent accidental opening while in transit.

Pleated fly screen for sliding door

Open the door, close the fly screen: that’s how you let the fresh air in, whilst keeping the insects out.

Sliding door with window and storage shelves

Unobstructed view of the outside, plenty of light inside and an integrated, pleated blackout blind: the large window and the compartments in the sliding door are extremely practical.

Sleeping area

Central light switch in the sleeping area

Every Vantana is fitted as standard with a handy touch switch for the interior lighting.

Individual sleeping comfort

Tailor-made for you: combined with the slatted frame GOODSIDE®, the premium cold foam mattress moulds itself perfectly to the shape of your body. The system is supplied with fibreglass slats in three different firmness levels. What’s more, they can be easily swapped to suit your personal preferences.

Bed extension

The single beds in the K65 ET can quickly be made into a large reclining surface using an additional cushion.

Comfy cold foam mattress

The cold-foam mattress provides home-from-home sleeping comfort. Seven different hardness zones ensure optimal adjustment to your body contours.



Generous storage facilities

Both beautiful and practical: care products can be accommodated in the mirror cabinets, so that they’re always within easy reach.

Compact washroom

The new compact washroom makes particularly effective use of the available space. The toilet can be rotated to create plenty of room for showering. The vent window provides natural light and optimal ventilation for the washroom. Its frosted glass effect guarantees the desired amount of privacy. And when the shower curtain is not being used, it can be kept behind the panel.

Frost-protected fresh water tank

The easily accessible fresh water tank is frost-protected and installed securely in the vehicle’s rear.

Extendable tap fittings

The multipurpose fitting can be used both as a tap and a shower head. The hose can be tucked away inside the tap to save space.

THETFORD rotating toilet

The rotating cassette toilet ensures optimal use of space. It features a powerful, quiet flush system. An intelligent display notifies you when the tank has to be emptied.

Vent window with frosted glass effect

The vent window provides natural light and optimal ventilation for the washrooms. Its frosted glass effect guarantees the desired amount of privacy.

On-board technology

TRUMA Combi 4 heating system incl. 10-litre hot water supply system and frost monitor valve

The hot air pipes of the combi heating system TRUMA ensure the optimal distribution of heated air throughout the vehicle for a cosy temperature.

Pull-out bracket for flat screen TV including 12 V/230 V connections

The TV arm can be swivelled through 180 degrees, allowing a good view of the screen from all positions. (Television not supplied)

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On-board control system

The light control system with CI-BUS technology is located in the entrance area of all Ontour and De Luxe models. It controls almost all of the lighting units, displays the fill levels for the fresh and used water tanks, as well as the charge levels for the on-board and vehicle batteries, amongst other things.

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State-of-the-art battery management

The intelligent battery sensor (IBS) supplies all the key data such as charging time, charging current and charging voltage, as well as the remaining running time and discharge current of the starter and body battery (GEL/AGM) in autonomous mode. All values can be read off from the TFT control panel. The battery sensor supplies the intelligent charger with the exact charging current and voltage it needs, thereby ensuring energy-efficient charging up to 100 percent capacity . With this system, charging times are reduced by approx. 30% by comparison with conventional chargers. (Standard in Premium)

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Frost-protected installation

The fresh and waste water pipes are housed in a heated double floor in the seating area. The complete internal floor comprises XPS heat insulation with GRP coating.

Hobby CI-BUS On-board management system with TFT control panel

The Hobby-designed CI-BUS on-board management system controls all the electronic devices and functions within the on-board network. The control button plus six additional softkeys under the display allow convenient and intuitive navigation between menus. The user can read off data from the display, e.g. date/time, inside/outside temperature, water tank filling level and battery charge/discharge, or activate settings directly.

Other BUS-capable on-board components, such as heating, air conditioning and the electric rooflight can also be centrally controlled. The system is standardised and updateable, thus ensuring compatibility with next-generation devices. To date, up to 15 devices can already communicate with the control panel.

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TFT control panel

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Highly-effective heat insulation

The body of the Vantana is insulated with B6 high-performance insulation and XPS foam. This not only stiffens the body and dampens road noise, but also keeps heat and cold out and provides a pleasant living environment.

Water drainage via sliding door

The integrated rain guard provides a specific place for rainwater to drain away. The LED entry light ensures excellent visibility when entering or leaving the van. (De Luxe and Premium)

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High-quality vent windows

The tinted outside windows are made as part of a casting process. The higher material thickness makes them considerably more resistant against tension and deformities and ensures improved sound insulation. The new sealing system also provides long-lasting protection against the ingress of moisture.

REMIS blackout system for front and side cab windows

The proven pleated blind system REMIS for the cab keeps out prying eyes and sunlight. (De Luxe and Premium)

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Seamless link to the cab

Everything on one level: the extra-wide threshold guarantees a smooth transition between the cab and living area.


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