Built for responsibility

Our commitment to people and the environment

We belong to our region as much as fried fish belongs in a bread roll – we’ve been here for over 55 years now. That’s why we feel deeply committed to the people around us and our surrounding environment.

On this page, you can find out exactly what we do to protect the things that we hold dear.

Our sustainability strategy is based on the three-pillar model. In addition to the company’s ecological responsibility, the focus is also on social and economic commitment. Hobby sets a good example in all three pillars.


Our social responsibility

We are one of the largest employers and training companies in northern Germany. Fair wages, good working conditions and promoting the health of our employees are standard business practice for us – as is our commitment to fighting racism and promoting equal opportunities. With the Harald Striewski Foundation, we support charitable projects on a large scale, including in the fields of sports, education, heritage preservation and social affairs.

In our six apprenticeships, we pass on our knowledge to future generations. But we also provide our existing staff with targeted support and individual development plans.


A separate Health department looks after the welfare of our employees – from exoskeletons as lifting aids to sports programmes and vaccinations for employees and their relatives.


Cultural experiences for school pupils, a new organ for the church, support for associations – with the Harald Striewski Foundation, our company founder shows his close ties with the Fockbek region and the surrounding communities.


Our ecological responsibility

We use natural resources wisely and invest in modern technology to reduce our energy consumption and the use of renewable energy sources. Sustainability plays a crucial role in investments in machinery and equipment. We ensure efficient processes, shorter distances and less waste by using smart technology. Last but not least, with our comfortable and affordable leisure vehicles, we’re helping more and more people to forego air travel in favour of camping holidays.

For printed materials, we keep the quantities low and use certified climate-neutral printing processes. Our trade fair materials and equipment are largely modular elements that are used several times.


By renovating the drains on our factory premises, we have taken an important step towards protecting the environment. There are plans for a new oil separator. A gantry vehicle wash system will significantly reduce our water consumption in the future.


Our latest project: the roof of our motorhome factory is perfect for a photovoltaic system. By making use of the roof, we can produce a proportion of the electricity we consume ourselves with the help of solar energy.


Daring to dream big: with new products all the time, like the beachy and MAXIA model range, we capture the spirit of the times. This is how we ensure the future of the company and remain a pioneer where innovation is concerned.


We meet our customers’ demands for high quality with state-of-the-art machinery as well as the latest technology and systems. We are keeping pace with increasing automation. And protecting our company from attacks by hackers.

We are in close contact with our dealers and suppliers. With a network of more than 350 representatives throughout Europe, we offer our customers the best service – both at home and on the road.

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